Vent your frustration about PS4 exclusives with the best hack-and-slash games on PC

Weekend Esc 35

God of War looks pretty great, right? All that hurling axes into Norse deities and staring into the black depths of Kratos’s angry soul. What a shame we don’t have it on PC. But never fear, we have plenty of suggestions for games like God of War, plus a whole crate-os (sorry) of PC gaming news in the latest episode of Weekend Esc.  

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Today’s show takes a look at the RuPaul’s Drag Race winner who wants to play another type of queen in Overwatch, the beefy Giant Slayer Dwarves carving their way into Total War: Warhammer, and PUBG’s crazy new mode that parachutes armoured cars into Erangel.

This week’s giveaway is Creed themed, thanks to the VR game based on Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone’s follow-up to the Rocky movies. If you’re looking to box your way to looking like a god of war yourself, this t-shirt, flannel, and water bottle may come in handy.

For a chance to win, simply punch the buttons in the widget below. The more blows (and by blows, we means clicks) on the actions, the better your chance of winning. We only ask for an email address so that we can contact the winner.

If you’re in the mood to win even more stuff, why not enter our giveaway for Nordic survival adventure Dead in Vinland, too?

Enjoy the show, and play a few of our God of War alternatives for a weekend war of your own.

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