All Blasphemous 2 abilities and how to unlock

All the Blasphemous 2 abilities and how to find them, including double jump, and air dash, so you can upgrade your platforming skills to reach secret areas.

One of the bosses of Cvstodia standing between the Penitent One and the Miracle Child that wields a saintly column as a weapon, though can be bested with Blasphemous 2 abilities in combat.

How do you unlock the Blasphemous 2 abilities? Unlike weapon effects, the Penitent One’s abilities are movement upgrades familiar to most Metroidvania fans out there. Whether it’s a double jump or air dash, these abilities can help you reach new areas and find treasures and collectibles, including cherubs and rosary beads. If you’re in sore need of a double jump or air dash to grab onto a ledge that’s just out of reach, our Blasphemous 2 abilities guide is here to help.

There are four Blasphemous 2 abilities in total, and each one is automatically unlocked once you locate the urns containing their power. Each urn is displayed on an altar tucked away in the hidden corners of the Blasphemous 2 map. Consequently, there are no strict milestones to reach before they’re unlocked – once you find them, their abilities are yours. However, reaching them may require you to utilize the unique effects of certain Blasphemous 2 weapons, which you may need to track down depending on the initial choice you made at the beginning of the souls-like game. Here are all the Blasphemous 2 abilities and where to find them.

All Blasphemous 2 abilities

The four Blasphemous 2 abilities are:

  • Ivy of Ascension
  • Passage of Ash
  • Mercy of the Wind
  • Scions’ Protection

The location of Ivy of Ascension, one of the Blasphemous 2 abilities, as it appears on the map of Cvstodia.

Ivy of Ascension

Some surfaces can be used to climb.

Location: Profuno Lamento. After speaking to Yerma and acquiring the Steely Battle Lance, continue to the right until the floor collapses, sending you to the secret lower level containing the Ivy of Ascension.

The location of Passage of Ash, one of the Blasphemous 2 abilities, as it appears on the map of Cvstodia.

Passage of Ash

With this ability, the Penitent One can now perform a mid-air jump.

Location: Beneath Her Sacred Grounds. Traverse the ledges and spikes to the bottom of the chasm leading down from Mother of Mothers to the Prie Dieu, then defeat Afilaor, Sentinel of the Emery. Proceed beyond the boss room and drop down to the path on the lower left. This will take you to a pit containing Passage of Ash, which you can utilize in order to reach the platforms above in order to leave.

The location of Mercy of the Wind, one of the Blasphemous 2 abilities, as it appears on the map of Cvstodia.

Mercy of the Wind

The Penitent One can now perform an aerial dash. Use this ability to break through some previously impenetrable barriers.

Location: Crown of Towers. Cross the bridge to the right of the Prie Dieu in the Basilica of Absent Faces that takes you to the Crown of Towers, then break through the two tree trunks using Ruego al Alba to access the lower area. Switch to Sarmiento and Centella to zap through the mirror ahead and reach Mercy of the Wind.

The location of Scions' Protection, one of the Blasphemous 2 abilities, as it appears on the map of Cvstodia.

Scions’ Protection

The Penitent One now has the help of the Brothers of the Miracle. Hold on tightly to their ornaments to reach previously inaccessible places.

Location: The Severed Tower. Head north from the Prie Dieu until you reach the platform with the floating mirror and puzzle statue, then proceed to the left until you reach a wall. Crawl through the small gap at the top to reach the secret area containing Scions’ Protection.

With all the Blasphemous 2 abilities at your disposal, you can jump, dash, and climb to your heart’s content. These abilities make finding Blasphemous 2 cherubs and Blasphemous 2 wax seeds a breeze. They’ll also come in handy when dodging around bosses – though we also recommend grabbing the best Blasphemous 2 resonances while you’re at it. Finally, our Blasphemous 2 review delves into our own experiences navigating the twisting world of Cvstodia and uncovering its secrets.