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Blight Survival release date estimate, trailers, and latest news

Everything we know so far about the medieval extraction game, including the Blight Survival release date, latest trailers, and gameplay.

Blight Survival release date: a Knight standing in front of a blurred background of a ruined monastery.

When is the Blight Survival release date? In this medieval adventure, you play a knight who fights against the forces of a rival kingdom and the bloodthirsty, infected monsters that plague the land in between. The people are counting on you to extinguish the blight in what the developer describes as a “cooperative extraction-lite” game.

Given that we’ve only seen a single pre-alpha trailer and a handful of development videos so far, it may be a while until we see more of Blight Survival, let alone a release date. This co-op game already has some rather brutal-sounding mechanics and fascinating ideas, which make the already tantalizing premise even more appealing. Here’s everything we currently know about Blight Survival.

Blight Survival release date estimate

With the game so early in development, a Blight Survival release date hasn’t been confirmed just yet, but we estimate it will launch sometime in 2026. It will be available on PC via Steam, but no other platforms or PC gaming storefronts have been announced yet.

On April 30, 2024, following a long hiatus since the reveal trailer, Haenir Studio announced that it would partner up with Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive to make the survival game. In a statement on X, formerly Twitter, Haenir Studio says, “This partnership enables us to fully realize the vision that we originally set out to achieve back when Ulrik and Mads first met in the darkest corners of Reddit. While we knew we needed help to achieve this ambitious goal, we also knew the importance of finding the right partner – one who shares our passion and vision for the game”.

While no other platforms have been confirmed so far, Blight Survival was selected as a recipient of an Epic MegaGrant by Epic Games. According to a post on X, “MegaGrants are offered by Epic Games to creative, noteworthy, and innovative projects built in and around Unreal Engine or projects that enhance the open source 3D graphics ecosystem.” It’s unclear if this means that the game will also be coming to the Epic Games Store in the future.

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Blight Survival trailers

So far, we’ve only seen the one trailer that went viral on TikTok, but it gives us a deep insight into how the medieval game plays. The pre-alpha trailer begins with our knight smashing the skull of an enemy as the village ahead burns.

After looting some corpses, he ventures into the woods, where he sneaks around some enemy soldiers. At one point, they describe how those who suffer from the blight first feel it in their veins. So far, this and the Steam description mentioning that players venture into the land between two warring kingdoms are the only hints at the world as a whole.

Upon entering the Barkial Woods, the knight adopts a stealthier approach, keeping to the darkness. He soon joins up with another player as they approach the Western Hinterlands and we see the two walk past a bunch of corpses before the trailer ends.

Blight Survival release date: the knight is looting a chest to find a sword handguard.

Blight Survival gameplay

From the pre-alpha trailer footage, we can deduce that there will be a day/night mechanic, as hinted by the sun icon on the bottom left of the screen. The orange stamina bar also indicates that the combat will be methodical, though the knight performs several takedown moves that instantly kill the blighted enemies. Item collection is vital to successful excursions into the blight. Dead bodies carry resources, while chests could reveal an uncommon sword hilt with “unidentified” perks you must appraise before using.

In addition to the pre-alpha trailer, a couple of YouTube shorts show off some of the game’s features. One is a sneak peek at what Haenir Studio calls the “avoidance system.” We see the knight moving underneath some placeholder platforms, tilting his head so he doesn’t hit them as he walks. This also works while crouching. The second Short is a montage of one of the artists rendering a plague-ridden enemy called the Rattler.

Blight Survival release date: the knight is about to fire an arrow at a zombie.

The Blight Survival X account also has many short videos showing the game’s development in progress. These include a work-in-progress lockpicking mechanic, where one hand turns a tool and the other manipulates the pick. There’s no UI present on-screen, however.

Players will also be able to use posture to weaken their enemies. By doing enough damage to break their stance, you can then charge into them or grab them for a follow-up blow. The effectiveness of these attacks depends on your equipped weapon. If you’d like to see more, you can watch about how grabs and tackles work from the playtest area.

That’s currently everything out there about the Blight Survival release date and trailers. If you love fantasy games, there are plenty of diverse options out there, from action-orientated experiences to slower-paced RPGs waiting for you to discover. If you want to know what’s coming soon, our upcoming PC games list has every release in one place.