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Borderlands 3 dead Claptraps: every Claptrap part discovered so far

Help Claptrap build a new friend by scavenging body parts from other CL4P-TP General Purpose Robots

Borderlands 3 dead claptraps

Looking for all the dead Claptraps scattered around each of the Borderlands 3 planets? This staged crew challenge will become available to you pretty much as soon as you’re set loose to explore, with Claptrap rattling on about how its the last of its kind and so you need to build it a friend.

Naturally, this involves an awful lot of looking around the map for each area, and souring the horizon for the burnt out, brutalised, and otherwise battered corpses of Claptrap’s kin. Every piece you find will reward you with some XP, which is handy if you’re on the Borderlands 3 leveling sprint, some Eridium, and other goodies, including some context from Claptrap (some will argue this dialogue is a punishment).

You’ll find new dead Claptraps in each new area that you explore, and you can even open up your map to see where they are, but the map markers aren’t exactly easy to follow, so we’ve searched for all the dead Claptraps we can to make it easier for you to grab these collectibles, hassle-free. We’ve not tracked down every single one yet, but we’ll update this guide as soon as we’ve found new ones.

Here is where to find all dead Claptraps in Borderlands 3:

dead claptraps the droughts 2

The Droughts 1

Locate the junkyard racetrack in the eastern portion of The Droughts map – this is in a main campaign mission for Ellie so grab this in the process. When you arrive, you’re looking for a wall of shipping containers with a path going behind it and small viewing tower. Round the corner and you should see a robot hanging upside down from a pole. Poor chap was being used as a pinata.

borderlands 3 dead claptrap

The Droughts 2

This one is easy to grab as it’s out in the open and right next to a couple of vending machines. You should pass the area at the start of the game, so just keep an eye out for a pool of acid and a destroyed car – the dead Claptrap is on the hood.

Borderlands 3 Dead Claptrap Ascension Bluff

Ascension Bluff

From the starting area in Ascension Bluff, head all the way north to the Children of the Vault compound. Once there, jump on a trailer to the right of the entrance with some TVs on it. Once you’re on top, look at the street lights for a red Claptrap torso. Again, you’ll come across this on your way through the main campaign, so don’t worry about hunting it down.

Meridian outskirts dead claptrap

Meridian Outskirts

This is close to the drop pod for Meridian Outskirts. Just follow the path to the next fast travel point and keep your eyes trained for caves on the right, head inside and look for a Claptrap stuck inside a plant/fungus/alien cocoon.

Meridian Metroplex Dead Claptrap

Meridian Metroplex

This one is easy to grab after unlocking the area’s first fast travel point. Take a look at the map and follow the road to the first open area, then look out for a subway to the right, tucked away in the corner, at the bottom you should find a dead Claptrap in a puddle.

dead claptrap on roof in lectra city

Lectra City 1

Head to the northeast corner of the docks and then head to the rooftops. You can spot a husk of a Claptrap sat on a chair looking out onto the water.

Borderlands 3 dead claptrap in lectra city

Lectra City 2

This one’s much more difficult to find as it’s in the heart of Lectra City. You’re looking for a inner courtyard full of trash, there should be a purple neon sign nearby to help you identify the exact spot.

athenas dead claptrap 2

Athenas 1

Open your map and look for a tiny island with Claptrap icon over it. The dead Claptrap is on the south side of the tiny island and can be spotted, er, reading something on a sofa.

Borderlands 3 Athenas dead claptrap 1

Athenas 2

This dead Claptrap is in the southwest portion of the Athenas map, conveniently located near a Typhon dead Drop and a Crimson Radio. This rigamortis robot is on a roof in the middle of this open area. This is on the main campaign path, so you shouldn’t have any issues discovering it so long as you look out for the map icon.

Borderlands 3 dead claptraps

Skywell-27 1

This one is a little tricky to get to, but you should be able to spot it in one of the first open area battles you come across on Skywell-27.

Dead Claptrap skywell 27 2

Skywell-27 2

This dead Claptrap dies doing what it loved: listening to dubstep. You should encounter this when you’re moving through the facility en route to destroying the laser. Look around all the facilities and in particular for a colourful room.

atlas hq dead claptraps

Atlas HQ

This Claptrap is easy to find as you go through the main campaign. It’s in the strip mall, just behind a bar counter.

the anvil borderlands 3 dead claptrap

The Anvil 1

As you enter the canteen environment, take the first left and slide under the jammed door. Go to the room on the right and you’ll see the dead Claptrap under a burst pipe.

borderlands 3 dead claptraps the anvil 2

The Anvil 2

This one is a slog to get to and took us searching every area of The Anvil to uncover. This robot is in the northwest nook of The Anvil map, to the left of the largest open area in the region.

dead claptraps in floodmoor basin

Floodmoor Basin 1

This deviously devised dead Claptrap location had us hunting for far too long. Starting at the Floodmoor Basin drop pod spawn, head right down into the lagoon, then follow the metal cargo rail past the lumber yard and up until you reach a small pond with a wooden shack below a massive tree trunk. Climb up the rocks and look for the yellow glow or a tyre track.

dead claptraps floodmoor basin lumber

Floodmoor Basin 2

After you’ve got the first dead Claptrap in Floodmoor Basin, head back to the lumber yard you passed and clear out enemies. You then want to look beneath the boardwalk adjacent to the largest building in the compound.

That’s every one of Claptrap’s unfortunate siblings we’ve discovered and picked apart so far, but check back as we’ll update this guide as and when we find more.

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