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Broforce Forever is a massive final update coming in 2023

Over-the-top action movie homage Broforce is coming out of retirement for one… more… job in 2023 with Broforce Forever, it's final and biggest hurrah

Broforce Forever update: Rambro, an absurdly muscled cartoon version of John Rambo, calmly prepares for the ultimate battle, red headband fluttering in the apocalyptic breeze

If you’ve forgotten about Broforce, then A) you hate freedom and B) we kind of understand. It came out two entire presidential administrations ago, hitting Steam Early Access way back in 2014 with its ludicrous blend of bro puns, ’80s movie references, and pixelated co-op game action. All has been quiet on the Broforce front for the past several years as developer Free Lives has gone onto make other indie hits like Genital Jousting and Gorn, but now the Bros are coming back for one last job called Broforce Forever.

Broforce is an action platformer in which basically everything explodes and enemies are complete suckers for a freshly cooked turkey. You accumulate ‘lives’ by freeing ‘Bros’ – these are legally distinct parodies of celebrated action heroes, and the game insists that ‘Bro’ is a gender-neutral term: there’s Rambro, MacBrover, Indiana Brones, Ellen Ripbro, Cherry Broling, Bronan the Brobarian, and a whole crew of Expendables crossovers (known in-game as the Expendabros, obviously).

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Broforce Forever promises even more new bros, new missions, and “new freedoms,” somehow – at least according to the trailer above, which  depicts the current ending of Broforce (the Bros joining forces to annihilate Satan himself).

It’ll be coming out sometime in 2023, and we’re reasonably sure publisher Devolver Digital will let us know when the time is near by sending a freakishly yoked bald eagle to soar over our offices screaming the Star Spangled Banner.

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