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Bungie is working on a new game, and it isn’t Marathon

Bungie, the studio behind beloved MMO Destiny and upcoming shooter Marathon, seems to be planning the 2025 release of a new IP called Matter.

A fully armored person with a bright pink helmet is falling backwards with their gun dropped in front of them

Bungie seems to have more up its sleeve for 2025 than just Marathon, as indicated by surfacing documents from Microsoft. While the FPS game remake is exciting enough on its own, the mysterious IP discovered within the previously confidential writing presents us with a world of possibilities. Will we see more than just Marathon come from the creators behind Destiny, or is it all just speculation? Considering the evidence, it’s hard to tell.

“As of 2021, company has more than doubled its headquarters space and plans to open a new studio in Amsterdam by 2022 for ongoing support on Destiny 2 and development of a new IP, currently expected to release in 2025,” reads one of the documents from Microsoft. The company in question here is Bungie, but this new IP referenced by the statement is not specified.

A screenshot detailing Microsoft's overview of Bungie

Right below the statement is a table marked as “Expected Release & Previously Shipped Games,” and this is where things get quite interesting. At the top of the list is a game titled “Matter” with no release date, platform, genre, or rating specified.

A table detailing Bungie's expected IP releases

A few years ago, there was a job listing for a new Bungie game in search of a senior marketing manager for a mysterious new IP. While the ad for the job itself didn’t give too much info, other than describing the ideal candidate as someone with “experience” in MMORPGS, it came soon after Bungie trademarked a new IP, “Matter.”

It’s therefore hard to tell whether or not Matter will come in 2025 or if the document’s description was simply a coincidence and Microsoft was referring to Marathon. Until Bungie announces more on the matter, pun intended, we’ll still have the upcoming sci-fi shooter to look forward to as well as the company’s ongoing iconic space game, Destiny 2.