Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War psychological profiles and traits

These traits give the single-player campaign customisable characters and multiple endings

Russell Adler disguised as a Soviet officer, walking through a bunker. A guard is behind him.

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War’s campaign is looking to expand on the annual single-player offering by allowing players to choose ‘psych profiles’ while customising their characters. It’s a bit like making your own single-player class (we know a lot more about the multiplayer options, so here are the best Cold War classes and best Cold War wildcards to get you planning ahead).

These profiles flesh out a character’s mental state. You could potentially create a badass hero in one campaign playthrough, then make a complete psychopath the next. They also change how your character reacts to certain situations, leading to multiple endings based on their decisions during key moments. We don’t have any in-game examples currently, but let’s take the main story trailer reveal. In it, we see a sniper rifle shot hit the man in front of the shooter’s target. If the shooter was highly focused and trained, they might have a better chance of landing the hit.

All of these are important footnotes, but the main draw to choosing certain psych profiles over others are the traits your character gets. These are permanent traits that stay with your character through the entirety of the campaign and give relatively minor buffs, kind of like Cold War perks, but their usefulness cannot be understated.

Details of what precisely each of the 15 Black Ops – Cold War psych profiles does are scarce, with only a select few profiles known to have certain traits, while others have only ever been described via their name. We will expand on exactly what each profile does during the campaign when we get our hands on the game.

Call of duty: Black ops – Cold War psych profiles list

Here are all of the Black Ops Cold War psych profiles that we know of so far:

  • Paranoid
  • Lone Wolf
  • Violent Tendencies
  • Professional
  • Unstable (named but never described)
  • Fearless (named but never described)


Halves the time it takes to aim down sights.

Lone Wolf

Allows you to sprint for twice as long.

Violent Tendencies

Increases bullet damage.


Gives player full movement speed while aiming down sights.

Those are just some of the Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War psych profiles that have been revealed so far. It’ll be exciting to see how these psych profiles affect the campaign, with 15 of them to choose from.

While you wait for the game to come out, we’ve been keeping an eye out for all the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War guns and that have been shown off so far.