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Best Lockwood 300 loadout

Our best Lockwood 300 loadout has the potential for a one-shot kill, here's how to build this lethal shotgun for use in multiplayer matches.

The best Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Lockwood 300 loadout

What is the best Lockwood 300 loadout? This powerful shotgun has been compared to the 725 from the 2019 Modern Warfare, so does it live up to the hype? If built properly, the Lockwood 300 can do some real damage, capable of a one-shot kill; here’s how to create the ideal setup.

Whether you’re looking to dominate the multiplayer game, or if you’re looking for a deadly secondary in the battle royale, you can’t go wrong with the Lockwood 300 by your side. With the ability to down a player in your back pocket, people will think twice about pushing your position again.

Here is the best one-shot Lockwood 300 loadout:

  • Laser: Point-G3P (+0.48, +51.00)
  • Stock: Heist Stock Mod
  • Barrel: Matuzek 812 (+0.16, +0.40)
  • Muzzle: Bryson Series XII (+0.13, +0.30)
  • Trigger: Maelstrom Dual Trigger (-0.18, -0.10)

While this MW2 gun is powerful, you’ll only have one shot before having to reload, so make sure it lands on target, or you’ll land yourself in some hot water.

Although our loadout risks it all on a single shot, you can down a player with full plates from a surprising range. The barrel, muzzle, and stock all play a part in keeping your all-in on target, with this Lockwood 300 setup also having exceptional ADS speed, meaning you can outgun single opponents before they have time to react.

You will run into issues when facing multiple enemies if they all decide to push at once, so we suggest pairing our Lockwood 300 loadout with one of the best SMGs so you’ll always have something reliable to switch out to.

That’s our best MW2 Lockwood 300 loadout, making it one of the best shotguns in the multiplayer game. Also, check out the best MW2 assault rifles and our MW2 perks guide for the best pairings with this close-range weapon, and our best MW2 loadouts guide for tips on how to set up your character.