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Modern Warfare 2 beta devs taking “live action” on Call of Duty cheats

Call of Duty cheats are a very real problem in the Modern Warfare 2 beta, so developer Infinity Ward says it will be taking "live action" against the issue

Modern Warfare 2 beta devs Infinity Ward address Call of Duty cheats: soldier in tactical hear aims a supressed assault rifle

The full Modern Warfare 2 beta is upon us, bringing with it players exploiting Call of Duty cheats and just making the experience worse for the rest of us. Don’t worry though, developer Infinity Ward is aware of the issue and says it’s going to start taking action soon, so we can all enjoy the frantic FPS game as it should be played.

As far as even the best multiplayer games go, cheating and hacks will always be a problem, but this doesn’t mean developers don’t take a stand against it, and Infinity Ward is no exception. The team says it will be taking action in the Modern Warfare 2 beta against the ever present Call of Duty cheats, and that action will be taken as soon as today.

“Tomorrow, we’ll begin taking live action against cheaters and hackers in Beta matches,” tweeted Infinity Ward yesterday.

There’s no specific word on what this “live action” will be, but we can hazard a guess that the ban hammer is about to be swung and surprise a lot of players. Wallhacks and aimbots are running rampant in the shooter, letting some players see you through walls and get pinpoint accurate shots to the head straight away, which defeats the point of playing, let’s be honest.

Modern Warfare 2 beta devs Infinity Ward address Call of Duty cheats: soldiers ready to breach

The Modern Warfare 2 beta does already have some anti-cheat measures, as the Ricochet system is in full effect against Call of Duty cheats and hacks. Ricochet uses server-side tools to monitor different game analytics and identify accounts using cheats and hacks. It’s currently in effect for Vanguard and Warzone, and will also be in Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 as well.

Activision support has a lot more information about the Ricochet anti-cheat system, if you want to see how it impacts your account and play.

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