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Modern Warfare 2 bling sparkles in new Cardi B music video

The Cardi B music video for her song Hot S*** features the rapper sporting a rather distinctive jewel-encrusted necklace of CoD Modern Warfare 2 character Ghost

Modern Warfare 2 collab - Cardi B wearing a Ghost necklace

The new Cardi B music video for the megastar rapper’s latest single Hot S*** has arrived and it stars a rather distinctive piece of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 jewellery featuring a diamond-encrusted image of Ghost from the upcoming game. This unusual collaboration sees the sparkling necklace featuring one of the FPS game’s main characters in a starring role as the focus point of one of Cardi’s outfits.

The Hot S*** music video, which also features Kanye West and Lil Durk, sees Cardi towering over a skyscraper-laden cityscape, where she perches atop high rises and struts across the walls of some of the buildings in gravity-defying fashion.

Of particular note to videogame fans, however, are the sections that feature the rapper set against a plain black backrground, her hair done up in a gleaming white bun and all manner of shimmering jewellery adorning her person. The real focus, though, is on her necklace, which features the sparkling head of Modern Warfare 2’s Ghost in full mask and headset draped over Cardi’s chest.

If you’re wanting to get a look yourself, head to the 0:48 mark in the video where the promotional bling first rears its head, even getting a brief but notable hi-res closeup of the piece. It also reappears several more times over the course of the video, so don’t worry if you miss it the first time around.

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Activison’s Call of Duty Twitter account was quick to comment after the video released, tweeting, “Ghost so popping, don’t gotta be introduced,” along with the eyes and fire emoji. Cardi herself also highlighted the necklace on Twitter, quoting an image along with the caption, “Who knows where this is from?” Personally, we like to imagine that it’s a sly nod to the previous Modern Warfare 2’s perk system – Bling Pro, indeed.

In other MW2 news, some recent leaks have suggested Zombies mode could be returning to Call of Duty and that we might see Rainbow 6 Siege-like field upgrades coming to the multiplayer game. Keep an eye on our Modern Warfare 2 release date article for all the latest information in the buildup to October.