Modern Warfare 2 Shoot the Ship playlist maps and modes

The new Modern Warfare 2 Shoot the Ship playlist brings back classic maps Shoot House and Shipment in new, reimagined forms with multiple modes

Modern Warfare 2 Shoot the Ship playlist: The Shoot House map

The Modern Warfare 2 Shoot the Ship playlist returns with one map in season one, and another to follow. Bringing back old favourites Shoot House and Shipment, the playlist includes a range of fan-favourite game modes set exclusively in the two maps. However, they won’t be quite as you remember, as they’ve been reimagined for Modern Warfare 2.

There are already a huge number of Modern Warfare 2 maps to get to grips with, but there’s no denying that CoD fans always want more from the multiplayer game, particularly when it comes to classic maps or call-backs to previous games. Modern Warfare 2 Shoot the Ship II gives us exactly that, so here’s what we know about the new playlist.

Modern Warfare 2 Shoot the Ship playlist: The Shipment map

Modern Warfare 2 Shoot the Ship maps

The locations have changed, but the style of the gameplay hasn’t. To suit the story of the campaign, Shoot House is now based in Las Almas, but offers the same point-blank shootouts as before thanks to its claustrophobic size and busy layout. Meanwhile, Shipment will feel familiar to existing fans of the franchise, with the same shipping containers to weave in and out of on the back of this cargo ship, but there are hints that the Modern Warfare 2 dynamic underwater mechanics may feature in this map too.

Shoot House is available from the Modern Warfare 2 main menu now, with the full Shoot the Ship II playlist and both maps coming later in the season.

Modern Warfare 2 Shoot the Ship game modes

With the release of the Shoot House map, there is no game mode filter, and we think you could be thrown into any one of the main, small-map multiplayer game modes. So far, we’ve confirmed Domination and Kill Confirmed, but we’ll keep you updated once we know absolutely which modes are included.


While you wait to dive back into these old favourites, keep working your way towards those Modern Warfare 2 mastery camos while testing out some of the game’s best shotguns, such as the best Expedite 12 loadout, or the best Bryson 890 loadout, in preparation for that Shoot the Ship close-range combat.