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Best MW2 Expedite 12 loadout for season 2 reloaded

Use this MW2 Expedite 12 loadout in season 2 and zip around the map, using its excellent mobility and handling to take enemies out at point-blank range.

Best Modern Warfare 2 Expedite 12 loadout

Our MW2 Expedite 12 loadout for season 2 reloaded increases its hip-fire accuracy to blast away enemies before they know what has hit them. Land kill after kill in the FPS game by stealthily sneaking around smaller multiplayer maps, and even diving between buildings in larger Ground War game modes.

The best shotguns are an excellent choice as one of your two weapons, specifically with Overkill equipped, one of the best Modern Warfare 2 perks in the multiplayer game. Alongside one of the best assault rifles or the Modern Warfare 2 sniper rifles, the Expedite 12 will flesh out your loadout with the ultimate short-range killing machine.

The best MW2 Expedite 12 loadout attachments

The best Expedite 12 loadout in Modern Warfare 2 is:

  • Underbarrel: FTAC Ripper 56
  • Laser: Point-G3P 04
  • Stock: FSS Frame Stock
  • Rear Grip: Goliath 77 Grip
  • Bolt: Expedite L-Bolt

The main stat being improved in this Expedite 12 loadout is accuracy, starting with the FTAC Reaper underbarrel which upgrades hip fire accuracy as well as recoil stabilisation. With the Expedite’s high fire rate, we need to address the recoil to balance out the shotgun’s low damage range. This should allow you to take multiple accurate shots when you can’t quite get close enough to the target.

We’ve also added the Point-G3P 04 laser as this seriously improves hip fire accuracy and hip recoil. The only downside to the laser is that it is visible to enemies, but you’ll be moving around and firing so quickly that this shouldn’t be an issue.

While adding the FSS Frame Stock to this build doesn’t really do much other than slightly improve the Expedite 12’s movement speed, it does allow you to add the Goliath 77 rear grip. This attachment is worthwhile as it improves your shotgun’s accuracy yet again and adds flinch resistance. Finally, add the Expedite L-Bolt for your fifth attachment to increase the Expedite 12’s fire rate.

The only thing that can hold back our Expedite 12 loadout in seasons 2 is you and your rig, so make sure you have the best MW2 settings for your PC – and keep your glasses clean while you’re at it. And with all the kills you’ll be getting, make sure you’ve checked you’re ready with the best MW2 killstreaks, and put them to good use.