Modern Warfare 2 canon finally acknowledges worst Call of Duty skin

A controversial Modern Warfare 2 skin has undergone a major change in the new Call of Duty FPS after a release in previous games like Warzone

Modern Warfare 2 skin change for controversial Call of Duty operator: an image of the dark Roze skin form Modern Warfare 2019

There are already a lot of operators and Modern Warfare 2 skins in the next Call of Duty game, and ahead of the FPS game’s imminent launch Activision has shared lots of details about what we can expect. One major update seems to come in the form of a skin change for one controversial Call of Duty: Warzone operator though, with the shift now explained in lore too.

The Modern Warfare 2 skin undergoing a change is Roze, with the operator mired in controversy since her Modern Warfare and Warzone release in 2020, as a number of her skins have been touted as too dark and able to hide in shadows, making Roze invisible, essentially.

This era seems to be coming to an end however, as Activision has outlined Roze’s new position within the lore of Modern Warfare 2, which appears to address her older, jet black skins that many criticised for being able to hide in dark corners.

“An American Army Ranger, who was formerly contracted by the Jackals to eliminate Al Qatala in Africa, and Shadow Company to seek order in Verdansk. Highly sought after for her proficiency in small-unit tactics and close-combat engagements, she ripped up her contract within the tumultuous company and her dark suits in early 2022 to align with SpecGru.”

What sticks out here is the mention of ripping up her contract and dark suits, which points to the controversial operator getting a Modern Warfare 2 skin change. In fact, the same Activision article has headshots of all the KorTac and SpecGru operators, and it looks like the old days of the Roze skins are gone. Weirdly though, it says Roze joins SpecGru, but she’s listed under KorTac. I’m not going to pretend I know what’s going on there or if it’s just a simple error, but it doesn’t seem like it’ll impact the skin change.

That said, we’ll have to see at launch if any Modern Warfare 2 skins continue on the controversy, as I’m sure there will be some that need adjustment and patches after being rolled out into the multiplayer game alongside Warzone 2.

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