How long is the Call of Duty MW3 campaign?

Find out exactly how long the MW3 campaign is, if you can earn rewards for completing it, and if you can change difficulty partway through.

How long is MW3 campaign: Captain Price and several other soldiers stepping out of a helicopter.

How long is the MW3 campaign? Typically, the least amount of time you can spend on any given mode in a Call of Duty game is with the campaign. This year is no exception, so if you want to get speed through the Modern Warfare 3 campaign before diving headfirst into either multiplayer or zombies mode.

Determining how long the MW3 campaign is depends on which difficulty setting you choose in the FPS game‘s menu. You can always lower this time even more by equipping the best MW3 guns to clear out the enemy as fast as possible. Here’s everything you need to know about the Modern Warfare 3 campaign and how long it should take to finish it.

How long is MW3 campaign: A player is aiming down their scope at an enemy aiming their gun right back at them. They're in some kind of cargo storage facility.

How long is the Modern Warfare 3 campaign?

The MW3 campaign should take you around five to seven hours to complete. Anecdotal evidence suggests that to finish the game on Hardened difficulty clocks in at around eight hours for an experienced Call of Duty player.

According to our Call of Duty MW3 missions list, the campaign has 14 individual levels, each one putting you in the role of the likes of series-favorite Captain Price, while others have us in the shoes of a new soldier, Farah Ahmen Karim. You’ll also, later on, take on the role of Kate Laswell while sneaking into a base before experiencing the new infamous mission where an unnamed passenger is forced into some serious air-based acts of terrorism.

There are a total of four MW3 campaign difficulty levels, with Veteran being the hardest. Those experienced with FPS games may find that the game is even shorter if they play on Recruit difficulty. Your difficulty level can be adjusted mid-mission if you find you want more of a challenge or to reduce it temporarily for a particularly taxing section of the game.

Now that you know how long the MW3 campaign is, is it even worth playing? We would say so, as you can get a bunch of unique MW3 campaign rewards to take with you into multiplayer. Speaking of which, you may wish to know what the best MW3 loadout is, as there are many to choose from.