Warzone 2 map survey lets players vote to get Verdansk, Blackout back

An apparent Warzone 2 map survey is letting players vote on what classic battle royale maps they'd want back in Call of Duty, including Verdansk and Blackout.

Warzone 2 map survey lets players vote to get Verdansk, Blackout back

The debate around the best battle royale game map is a never-ending one, especially for the Call of Duty community, considering there have been multiple iterations and games with vastly different experiences on offer. The Warzone 2 map of Al Mazrah is no different, and a report now suggests that Activision is turning to players to find out what type of map they want, with some old favourites potentially coming back to Warzone 2.

While there’s absolutely no guarantee that this apparent survey will influence any decisions on updates or changes to the Warzone 2 map, it does directly reference new and old Call of Duty battle royale maps alike. It might be time to dust off your best Warzone 2 loadout, though, if the survey is to be believed.

The survey asks, “which of the following would you prefer for the next Warzone big map,” with participants then being asked to rank their top three choices (according to CharlieIntel). Whether this means Warzone 2 could get multiple maps at once, see Al Mazrah replaced, or just see Raven Software integrate some older ideas into the Warzone 2 map remains to be seen.

Warzone 2 map survey options

  • An all-new map
  • Return of the Verdansk ‘84 map (2021)
  • Return of the Caldera map (2021)
  • Return of the original Verdansk map (2020)
  • Return of the Blackout map (Black Ops 4, 2019)

With Warzone 2 season 2 looking more and more like the original Warzone, updating and going back to previous maps may not be entirely out of the question. That said, the original Warzone is now back up and running and includes the Caldera map, so as long as it stays up and running bringing that map over to Warzone 2 doesn’t make the most sense.

This survey doesn’t outright confirm or promise that the Warzone 2 map will undergo such drastic revisions or changes, but it does appear to indicate that Activision, Infinity Ward, and Raven Software want to know which previous maps are the most liked by players, with that information potentially influencing Warzone 2 down the line.

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