The best AUG Warzone setup

With the right attachments this SMG can outgun most assault rifles in Call of Duty's battle royale

Aug Warzone setup

Looking for a guide to the best AUG Warzone setup? Warzone’s meta is still relatively young, but already there are some very dominant Warzone guns that you’ll see in other players’ Warzone loadouts. When it comes to the best SMGs in Warzone the AUG is often picked last, however with the right attachments you can extend the range and damage massively, making this a mid-range monster capable of downing enemies faster than some of the best assault rifles in Warzone. You may have to grind for a while in order to make the Aug usable, but once you’ve unlocked a couple of key attachments this weapon is in a class of its own.

The secret to making the AUG good in Warzone is the 5.56 conversion ammo kit that increases the weapons damage and range at the cost of a slower rate of fire. You can even get a 60-round drum mag of 5.56 ammo for the AUG, meaning you’ll have enough bullets per mag to wipe an entire squad.

We’ve designed this Aug Warzone build with mid-range engagements in mind, increasing its damage and range but making sure it still possesses the mobility and aim down sight speed of an SMG.

Best AUG Warzone setup

The best AUG Warzone attachments are:

  • Monolithic Suppressor
  • 407mm Lightweight
  • 5.56 NATO 30-Round Mags
  • Stippled Grip Tape

You’ll see a lot of people running the 60-Round Drums and some even using a Long Barrel as well, but we find that these attachments add far too much weight to the gun and make it almost unusable in close-quarters battles. Our build actually reduces the weapon’s aim down sight speed while massively increasing its damage and range.

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The suppressor will keep you off any radars, and while you may need to think a bit more about when you reload, 30 rounds is still enough to chew through an entire squad solo if you hit your shots.

The meta has moved on from the Aug over time, but this SMG still shreds. If you’re after something for super close range fights then check out our guide to the best 357 Warzone Snake Shot setup, our Warzone Fennec build, or the best Akimbo pistols in Warzone for some other options.

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