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Warzone solos player kills 44 people, sets Fortune’s Keep world record

Call of Duty: Warzone season 4’s new map Fortune’s Keep already has a world record, after a solos versus quads player kills 44 people single-handed

Fortune’s Keep, the new map for Call of Duty: Warzone season 4, has a new world record after one solos versus quads player managed to kill 44 opponents single-handed – and it’s truly a sight to behold.

NoFaTe, a Warzone Twitch streamer and YouTuber, has claimed the world record for solos versus quads kills just two days after Fortune’s Keep launched on June 22. In a frankly unbelievable run, available to watch in all its bloodsoaked, lightning-fast glory on their official channel, NoFaTe rushes from the drop zone, quickly eliminates an entire squad, and uses the cash to sweep up all the guns and equipment they need for a perfect loadout.

From then on, despite a few pretty close calls – including almost getting decapitated while trying to snipe opponents from a balcony – NoFaTe’s killing spree becomes almost a formality, as they trade guns, spam grenades, and achieve centimetre-perfect knife throws with pure, machine efficiency.

Particularly spectacular is the moment we have shared below, when NoFaTe interrupts a battle between two competing squads to wipe out four players, including one with a riot shield, inside ten seconds. Remember, NoFaTe is playing solo, on a map populated by organised, cooperative teams of four – without any backup, and against overwhelming numbers, all with much higher odds for success, they manage to reign supreme.

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Fortune’s Keep is still new enough that Wzstats, which tracks Warzone kill records, is yet to establish an official leaderboard. The records for solo versus quads on the older maps, however, Caldera and Rebirth, stand at 28 and 29 respectively, which alongside NoFaTe’s tally look almost paltry in comparison.

But if you’re feeling brave and want to try and top this record for yourself, you’ll want to perfect your loadout for either an LMG or the STG-44, which works best with a mercury silencer and the fully loaded perk. You might also want to try getting your hands on a golden keycard, and forcing your way into one of the hidden loot vaults.