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Watch as someone escapes Warzone’s gulag using a steering wheel

Tiny Meat Gang's Noel Miller made it through Call of Duty's 1v1 gulag using a steering wheel controller

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It’s weirdly satisfying to see a controller used to do something it wasn’t designed to do – that’s why we love people like the guy who beat Sekiro using DK bongos, for example. We weren’t expecting this, but perhaps we should have: someone has escaped from Call of Duty: Warzone’s gulag while playing on a steering wheel controller.

That someone is Noel Miller, a YouTuber and comedian who is half of Tiny Meat Gang. Friday, Miller started up his Twitch stream and decided to get dressed up in military fatigues and play Warzone with some friends. The twist was that he would be playing with his steering wheel. This made him a natural choice as driver for when his squad hopped into one of the vehicles scattered around Warzone’s map, but not ideal for just about anything else.

Once Miller had secured a four-wheeler, he adopted the role of the team’s Uber driver. “So, do you guys know each other?” he asked after two of his comrades hopped in. “Hey, could you turn the music up and stop talking so much?” one of his pals quipped back. “Yes, yes, sorry,” Miller said, as the team got going down the road.

Here’s the full stream:

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The four-man team gets wiped around the 1:20:30 mark, when Miller steers them toward another squad they spot in the road. Miller steers their vehicle toward one enemy and manages to mow him down, but the rest of the opposing team opens fire and takes them all out.

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Miller is dragged to the gulag, where nobody on the team reckons he has much of a chance. Giggling the entire time, Miller strafes into the central area in time to catch some of the effects of a stun grenade from his opponent. But as Miller backs into a corner, his enemy comes charging forward and directly into him, and Miller fires off a burst and wins the round. By the time he’s back in the air redeploying, he’s laughing so hard he has to move his mic away from his face and wipe tears from his eyes.

Miller posted the clip to Twitter. “He gotta uninstall,” he said.

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