The best NZ-41 loadout in Warzone Pacific

The best attachments and perks to create a low recoil, high damage NZ-41 loadout in Warzone

The Warzone NZ-41 assault rifle

Looking for the best NZ-41 loadout in Warzone Pacific? The NZ-41 is a full-auto assault rifle, and is one of the Vanguard guns that was recently imported to the battle royale game. It’s one of the best Warzone assault rifles, though it suffers from lack of recoil control, particularly after a post-launch weapon adjustment patch that introduced additional recoil to the AR.

The right attachments, however, mitigate this additional recoil and can almost eliminate it entirely. The result is a powerful and precise AR that’s good at all ranges, and particularly excels in mid-to-long range engagements. The best NZ-41 loadout allows you to down enemies in four hits, or two headshots if you can land them.

You unlock the NZ-41 at level 41, so if you’re not quite there yet, we recommend getting to grips with the STG 44 – we have the best STG 44 loadout to help you out. Once you’ve got your hands on the NZ-41, though, here are the best attachments and perks we recommend – with a few alternatives, depending on personal preference.


The best Call of Duty Warzone Pacific NZ-41 loadout is:

  • F8 Stabilizer
  • Orbweaver 360mm BC
  • G16 2.5x
  • LOR Reinforced
  • M1930 Strife Angled
  • Lengthened
  • Stippled
  • Brace
  • Fully Loaded

The F8 Stabilizer buffs the NZ-41’s accuracy and damage range, making it more reliable in mid and long range engagements. It comes at the cost of sprint-to-fire speed and hip fire accuracy, but those aren’t vital to the weapon. The MX Silencer is a viable alternative, especially if you prefer to stay off the minimap, offering an accuracy buff alongside a penalty to aim down sight speed.

The Orbweaver 360mm BC barrel is, without question, the best choice for the NZ-41, making the gun more accurate and controllable while reducing scope sway and gun bob. This makes aiming down sights much easier, especially at long range.

You’ll see the G16 2.5x optic on most Warzone assault rifles, and it’s perfect here as it offers additional accuracy and control. Optics are a matter of personal preference, however, and it’s worth trying them all to find one that feels the best to you.

The LOR Reinforced stock improves your accuracy for the first few shots while firing, increases recoil recovery, and improves the NZ-41’s aim down sight speed. However, the longer you shoot for, the less accurate the weapon becomes. This means you should be tapping to fire in short bursts to keep your shots on target. If you find yourself in need of even more recoil control, flinch resistance, and accuracy, we recommend the Orbweaver E Pack, though it does reduce your movement, aim down sight, and sprint to fire speed.

We recommend the M1930 Strife Angled for the underbarrel, giving you a ton of accuracy, stability, and aim walking steadiness. Your sprint to fire speed is a little reduced, but your weapon becomes steady as a rock. If you’ve got nerves of steel already and don’t need the help, the Carver Foregrip and m1941 Hand Stop are both viable options that also improve accuracy and reduce recoil.

The 6.5mm Sakura 50 Round Mag gives the NZ-41 even more control, accuracy, movement speed, and ammo capacity. However, this comes at the cost of bullet velocity, range, and damage. Although the best NZ-41 loadout makes the gun as steady and precise as possible, we’ve stacked the AR with enough attachments to achieve this already, and at this point retaining the weapon’s damage is more of a priority. Unless you find yourself chronically running out of bullets, we’d recommend skipping this attachment slot.

Lengthened ammo increases your bullet velocity, which is excellent for mid-range fights. We recommend the Stippled grip as it buffs your recoil recovery and initial firing recoil, but the Rubber grip is an early alternative that also increases recoil control. Finally, the best perks are Brace, to further control your initial firing recoil, and Fully Loaded, a must in order to start off with full ammo.

That’s everything you need to put together the best NZ-41 loadout in Warzone Pacific. If you fancy trying a different approach, check out our guide to the best SMGs in Warzone, and the best Warzone Pacific loadout drops.

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