Radioactive survival mystery Chernobylite launches in July

The survival horror game heads out of Early Access July 27, and it's got a new trailer

Stalker 2 wasn’t the only game shown at E3 this year set in the irradiated exclusion zone around the ruins of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor. Chernobylite, a supernatural survival horror game about tracking a ghost through the zone, also showed off a new trailer at E3. In it, we got a new look at the survival game’s mechanics and environments, as well as a release date of July 28.

In the new trailer, we get a look at some of the base building and team management elements at play in Chernobylite. The story culminates in a “final heist”, and to get there you’ll need to scrounge for supplies, build up your operating base, and assemble a team of specialists to head into the reactor.

Along the way, you’ll be faced with all sorts of radioactive supernatural horrors. There’s the danger from the radiation itself, of course, but there are also mutants, monsters, and the reality-bending nature of Chernobylite’s vision of the exclusion zone. Despite some questionable line reads, this looks like it could be a thrilling adventure.

Here’s the new trailer:

YouTube Thumbnail

There’s a bit of an Easter egg in the trailer for anyone who’s seen the Chernobyl HBO series – near the end, the team takes a radiation reading before heading through a door.

“Three point six,” a character reports. “Not great, not terrible.” In the HBO series, that’s about the level where the dosimeters power plant staff were issued maxed out, leading to confusion and obfuscation – leaders figured that the 3.6 reading was “not great, but not terrible” and proceeded from there, even though the true radiation level was much, much higher.

We’ll be able to see all of what Chernobylite has to offer when it leaves Early Access next month.