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Chivalry 2 release date, trailer, and where to buy it – all the latest details

Everything you need to know about Chivalry: Medieval Warfare 2, including release date, trailers, and gameplay

combat in chivalry 2

Looking for the Chivalry 2 release date or want to know if the multiplayer brawler is coming to Steam? After the exciting announcement of Chivalry 2 – officially Chivalry: Medieval Warfare 2 – at the 2019 PC Gaming Show, original developers Torn Banner, along with collaborators and publisher Tripwire Interactive, released a Chivalry 2 trailer packed with gameplay details and even a rough release date.

Not so long ago, in a much glossier kingdom, Torn Banner released their own version of a Chivalry successor, Mirage: Arcane Warfare. The multiplayer action game struggled to gain traction or a solid player base and closed down its servers after just one year. The game operated on an entirely different aesthetic and the fantasy elements of the multiplayer game didn’t land with fans of Chivalry’s gruesome medieval aesthetic. With the recent success of Mordhau, which is essentially Chivalry with a much more realistic and complex combat system, many players were left wondering if Torn Banner would ever develop a sequel to their 2012 hit.

Thankfully, now Chivalry 2 has been announced, we’ve collated everything we know so far from the next installment in the multiplayer medieval slasher.


The best news of all is that we won’t have to wait long before our next slice of medieval melee action: the Chivalry 2 release date is 2020 – we just don’t know precisely when. However, fans of the grimy medieval hack and slash genre are currently sinking their teeth into Mordhau, a bloody battle simulator with comical amounts of gore and developers keen to keep the players happy with regular updates. It seems the announcement for Chivalry 2 has arrived at the right time, and we’re sure players appreciated the gritty trailer, replete with siege warfare, beheadings, and lopped off limbs.


The Chivalry 2 trailer charged into E3, dealing a spectacular blow of squawking chickens, fleeing peasants, and long, painful sword swings. It’s all looking deliciously gory. Take a look below.

YouTube Thumbnail


Chivalry 2 aims to bring cinematic moments to the series, allowing players to live out their favourite battle movie scenes, such as the Battle of the Bastards from Game of Thrones. Torn Banner hasn’t gone into much detail on how this will work, but it’s an exciting namedrop nonetheless.

There’s also plenty of humour cutting its way through the announcement, with the developers noting the huge inspiration from surrealist British comedy Monty Python, saying that you can commit murder with a chicken… while quoting Shakespeare. Torn Banner also say that at least half of Chivalry players are drunk when playing, which must be a tricky statistic to get hold off.

Chivalry 2 combat in village


Chivalry 2 is a multiplayer game and will introduce ‘thousands of hilarious new voice-lines’ and have deep character customisation – sounds a lot like the Mordhau builds options. Chivalry 2 will not be two-player or involve local co-op, unfortunately.


Chivalry 2 will feature epic 64 player battles, adding new gameplay features such as horses and improved animations. The idea is to make the game more immersive and realistic.

Torn Banner says that Chivalry 2 boasts “a revamped, faster, and more fluid combat system” and “offers an expanded range of creative choices, allowing players to perfect their playstyle”. Given the fierce competition from Mordhau, it seems Chivalry 2 is really stepping up its game to deliver a more believable medieval battle experience.

Chivalry 2 horses and battle


Speaking of epic, Chivalry 2 will be available exclusively on the Epic Games Store in 2020 and not Steam. However, the developers have said that Chivalry 2 will be releasing on ‘other PC platforms’ 12 months after the initial release, so it seems like this is only a timed exclusivity deal.

We’ll continue to bring the latest news on Chivalry 2 as it releases, including updates on a release date in 2020.

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