Chivalry 2 sees huge Steam sales in first ten days

Chivalry 2, Torn Banner’s multiplayer slasher, has seen huge success on Steam in its first ten days, battling its way to big sales and “very positive” reviews

Chivalry 2, the online multiplayer slasher from Torn Banner, released on Steam on June 12, and in its first ten days has managed to rack up some enormous sales figures, along with “very positive” reviews from players.

The Steam release of Chivalry 2 has so far sold over 300,000 copies, adding to the game’s already impressive total since it launched on consoles and the Epic games store in June 2021. In August, Torn Banner revealed that Chivalry 2 – the sequel to 2012’s Chivalry: Medieval Warfare – had passed 1m units sold, with players scoring 420m kills, over 8m hours of playing time. This latest milestone marks another success for the Canadian developer, which is also celebrating 5,550 “very positive” Steam user reviews, and the addition of the new Tenosian faction.

The Tenosian update also added mounts to Chivalry 2 for the first time, as well as new deathmatch and objective maps, and a host of weapons and skins. It follows the February House Aberfell update, which introduced a 64-player map, and a couple of more colourful features in the form of pig stealing and weaponised bees.

Once dominated by the likes of Crusader Kings and Age of Empires, the medieval genre has undergone something of a renaissance (no pun intended) over recent years, with games like Kingdom Come: Deliverance, A Plague Tale: Innocence, For Honor, and Mordhau all competing for the hollow crown. So if you’re tired of all the guns, bombs, and airstrikes, and want to get a little more up close and personal, you’re absolutely spoiled for choice right now. In fact, to commemorate its launch, Chivalry 2 is 40% off on Steam until July 7, so there’s no excuse not to grab your shield and start swinging an axe into somebody’s face.