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Concord release date, upcoming beta, trailers, and more

The Concord release date is slowly approaching, here’s what you need to take part in the beta and learn about the 5v5 shooter’s mechanics.

When is the Concord release date? Originally revealed in May 2023, we got our first look at Firewalk Studios’ 5v5 shooter, Concord almost exactly one year later at Sony’s State of Play. Bearing a similar style to Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, players take command of the Northstar crew, a mercenary ‘guns-for-hire’ group known as Freegunners.

There are plenty of Freegunners groups out there, all of them searching for risky jobs that pay well. It’s up to your crew to stop them in their tracks, while earning a huge paycheck in the process. Concord gives you the freedom to pick the perfect set of soldiers to form the strongest crew available in the space game. However, with new updates set to add new Freegunners to the multiplayer game, you can expect the meta to shift regularly. Here’s everything you need to know about Concord’s release date, as well as the upcoming beta, the cast of characters, and more.

Concord release date

The Concord release date is Tuesday, August 23, 2024, as confirmed by Firewalk Studios during Sony’s State of Play presentation in May. Concord will be available on PC and PlayStation 5.

While we were forced to wait a year before any new Concord news was announced initially, it looks like the gaps between news will be much shorter this time around.

There are 16 Concord characters at launch, but we know very little about half of the cast so far. The PlayStation store listing has confirmed that all current and future additions to the game, including maps, game modes, and characters, will be free.

Concord beta

We know that there’s currently one scheduled Concord beta that is set to begin later this summer. To access the beta, players need to purchase one of the special editions of Concord that contains five beta invites to the upcoming shooter. According to the Concord Steam page, the Concord Digital Deluxe Edition costs $59.99 / £49.99 and provides you and four friends up to 72 hours advanced access.

The PlayStation Blog refers to both the PC and console versions participating in this beta, so it won’t be exclusive to either platform. At the end of the reveal cinematic trailer, the video shows that pre-orders from June 6.

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Concord trailers

The Concord reveal cinematic trailer gives us a glimpse of the Northstar crew, along with other Freegunners groups, on a job named ‘Intercept Blue Buddy’. We see Lennox, a green alien carrying a blinking blue robot, and Haymar, a human woman, falling from a great height. As the pair fall to the ground, the scene switches over to show what happened earlier that day.

The two crewmates are shown eating a meal while discussing their mission. Lennox is shown downplaying Haymar’s complaints about not following their plan, but he assures her that everything will be fine. As Haymar tries to leave the store, she’s stopped by an alien with an assault rifle. This new group of aliens surrounds the Northstar crew members, stealing their blue robot before engaging in a shootout.

The fight moves beyond the café to the streets, where the crew can show off their abilities. As Haymar attempts to flee the scene, she’s shot by a sniper rifle, leaving her out in the open. Her crew mate, a large purple alien named Star Child, turns his back towards the gunfire and hardens his skin to a diamond-like texture to avoid the bullets. She has enough time to charge up a metal ball in her hands, sending forward a large fiery trail, forcing her opponents to leave the area.

Northstar make their way up a large tower to find the rival Freegunners with the blue robot. The Northstar has a large yellow robot named 1–Off, equipped with a powerful vacuum that manages to steal back the blue robot from across the tower. Unfortunately, the platform’s scaffolding collapses due to the weight of the crew, causing the lightest members of the team to make a quick decision as they hold on for their lives. Haymar drops the pair into the unknown, mirroring the shot from the opening scene. The pair did not fall to their deaths, instead they are shown to be standing on top of a spaceship. The team collect their reward in space before heading off on another job, this time one without any scaffolding.

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Concord gameplay

The gameplay trailer reveals the names of the Concord characters in the cinematic trailer, along with a closer look at their abilities. Though Concord is primarily an FPS game, the game regularly switches between third and first-person perspective as you use your abilities. For example, as Star Child bursts into a sprint towards his target, the camera changes to third person to provide you with a better view.

In addition to the rival Freegunner crew, it appears that there are trash mobs around the battlefield. It’s unclear what rewards you get for disposing of them, but the trailer shows Freegunners regularly taking them down. This may be dependent on the Concord game mode, but this could point towards a MOBA-like mode where players must overload the other team with AI enemies. The trailer didn’t show us a HUD, so it’s unclear how many shots on average it will take to eliminate rival Freegunners.

That’s all there is to know about the Concord release date. With the closed beta period quickly approaching, it’s worth keeping an eye on our upcoming guides to learn more about Concord’s cast and game modes. In the meantime, take a look at our list of upcoming games to find out what else is dropping in 2024. Remember, we also have a list of cross-platform games to discover more multiplayer titles just like this one.