Counter-Strike 2 dev begins “reversing VAC bans for affected players”

Valve has revealed that it has begun reversing VAC bans for Counter-Strike 2 players affected by recent issues with CS2 and a new AMD graphics driver feature.

Counter Strike 2 vac ban reverse: A group of five men wearing FBI gear wield automatic rifles

Counter-Strike 2 has now been out and about for a short while now, recently falling into the excited hands of the shooter community. With Valve’s highly anticipated CSGO sequel accessible to all Steam players, the developer has been releasing steady updates adding new features and addressing in-game issues. One recent problem saw AMD customers receive VAC bans while playing CS2. The issue was due to a new graphics driver feature, with Valve now reversing any relevant bans.

The Counter-Strike 2 developer says it has added “a startup check for incompatible AMD graphics drivers” to the FPS game in its most recent update. Valve’s patch notes also explain that the team “will now begin reversing VAC bans for affected players,” meaning that anyone who randomly caught a permanent ban on Steam will now have full access to the game and all online features.

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In the new release notes relating to the Counter-Strike 2 AMD VAC ban reversal, Valve also says it has fixed a prominent bug in Windows 11 Auto HDR that led to smokes intermittently disappearing in-game. The dev has also resolved other issues, referring to these as “miscellaneous bug fixes.” If you want to take a gander at the official patch notes yourself, you’ll find them on Steam, courtesy of Valve.

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