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New CSGO skins from Valve probably made $11 million in one day

The latest Anubis CSGO skins from Valve have potentially made $11 million in the FPS game already, as the Counter-Strike 2 limited test continues.

New CSGO skins from Valve probably made $11 million in one day: A soldier in tactical gear aims an assault rifle in Valve FPS game CSGO

The new CSGO skins by Valve, named ‘Anubis’ in honour of one of the arenas in the FPS game, have likely generated $11 million (£8.8 million) in revenue already, based on analysis of Counter-Strike float values and CSGO cases. The Anubis skins arrive as the Counter-Strike 2 limited test continues, and we await the full arrival of the shooter sequel on Steam.

Released as part of the latest CSGO update on April 25, the Anubis skins are styled after the Counter-Strike level that was last year added to the active duty map pool. Though values for CSGO cases have dropped significantly this week, based on calculations and estimates by CSGO skin trader, streamer, and YouTuber ‘TDM Heyzeus,’ the Anubis skins may have made $11 million in gross revenue during their opening days on sale.

Heyzeus analyses the amount of ‘Eye of Horus’ covert skins, which form part of the Anubis collection, currently in circulation in CSGO. The streamer then compares this against the likelihood of obtaining an Eye of Horus covert skin, to determine that, in order for X amount of these skins to be present in the game, statistically, at least Y amount of cases would have had to be opened.

New CSGO skins from Valve have likely made $11 million in one day: An image calculating the spread of CSGO skins based on Valve's Anubis design

Heyzeus concludes that to justify the amount of Eye of Horus skins currently active in CSGO, at least 5.5 million cases need to have been opened. With the average CSGO case key costing around $2 (£1.60) that would mean roughly $11 million in revenue generated from players hunting the Anubis skins at the time Heyzeus published their findings on April 26, exactly one day after the new skin line was launched.

Individual CSGO skins are often bought and sold between players for considerable amounts, including a pattern for the Five-Seven pistol, which has attracted a record price of some $1,400 (£1,100) owing to the fact it partially resembles a vagina.

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