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CSGO skin that looks a bit like a vagina sells for $1,400

A CSGO skin has sold for $1,400 after gaining a reputation among players of the Valve FPS game for its passing resemblance to the female reproductive organ.

CSGO skin that looks a bit like a vagina sells for $1,400: A soldier in tactical gear fires a machine-gun in Valve FPS game CSGO

A CSGO skin has been sold for just over $1,400 (£1,124) partly owing to its notoriety among the Valve FPS game community for resembling a vagina. Available for the CSGO Five-Seven pistol, there are dozens of varieties of the ‘Kami’ skin, though one is seemingly favoured by some Counter-Strike players due to its suggestive design. The sale comes as the Counter-Strike 2 limited test continues, and CSGO cases suffer a decline in value.

The Kami skin, pattern number 909, is applied to the Five-Seven handgun in CSGO, and creates a distinctive outline on the weapon’s slide cover plate. Thanks to Counter-Strike Global Offensive’s first-person perspective, the image is easily and consistently visible while playing, and bears, some say, a resemblance to parts of the female reproductive organ. You can see the Kami 909 skin, as it appears on the Five-Seven, below:

CSGO skin that looks a bit like a vagina sells for $1,400: A CSGO skin for the Five-Seven pistol that resembles a vagina

One CSGO skin trader, under the Twitter handle ‘Pops’, reports having sold the skin for a personal record price of €1,300 ($1,430 / £1,148). The skin was apparently bought by another CSGO player, ‘LeafyCS’, who has further customised their Five-Seven with a range of CSGO stickers.

The trade comes as CSGO cases face a sharp decline in value. The price drop may be influenced by a range of recent events, with Valve releasing its new ‘Anubis’ skin line and the Counter-Strike Paris Major esports tournament beginning in earnest. CSGO players are potentially offloading surplus cases in order to buy the new skins, or the team and event-related stickers that are released throughout the Paris Major.

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Another Counter-Strike skin has also been found to hide a secret reference to Valve’s other beloved FPS, Half-Life.

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