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CSGO player discovers incredible trick for surviving AWP shots

CSGO, Valve’s classic FPS game, is famous for its hugely powerful rifle, the AWP, but as Counter-Strike 2 nears, there’s a wild trick for surviving the sniper.

CSGO player stumbles on incredible trick for surviving AWP shots: A soldier in tactical gear aims a weapon in Valve FPS game CSGO

CSGO players shudder, or perhaps silently rage, at mere mention of its name. The herald of the headshot, the devil of Dust_2, the double-handed snipe saber – from the earliest days of Counter-Strike, nothing has wrought more death and destruction than the FPS game’s immensely powerful rifle, the AWP. With Counter-Strike 2 imminently inbound, and CSGO skins and cases jumping all over the market, one Global Offensive player finds a novel method of surviving Valve’s most-feared gun, by somehow batting the bullets away using another gun. See it to believe it.

For all intents and purposes, the AWP is a one-shot weapon. Absorb an AWP round anywhere on your body, except for the legs, and you’re down for the count. CSGO initiates may gravitate towards the AWPsicle, AWPtimus Prime, AWP The Great and Powerful, but it actually takes a great deal of skill – miss your shot, and the long reload time means you’re pretty much done.

Although actually, it turns out that even an AWP round dead centre on a CSGO player’s chest might not be enough any more, thanks to a cunning (and hugely accidental) ‘strategy’ discovered by one interpred, and very fortunate, Counter-Strike veteran. Posting under the username ‘Xdkeroo,’ the CSGO player successfully blocks an AWP round by happening to throw their AK47 into the air at exactly the right moment.

They drop the gun. It starts to fall to the ground. But on its way, it miraculously blocks an AWP round that would have definitely have our protagonist, saving their life, and careening into the distance. Take a look:

YouTube Thumbnail

It’s like The Matrix meets John Wick meets the wonderful quirks of the classic Source engine. I also have to respect the thoroughness of the video editing here, showing off the seemingly impossible fluke from every conceivable angle. This is definitely one for the Counter-Strike history books.

Meanwhile, CSGO cases took a sharp dive last week, while CSGO skins had a bizarre moment in the spotlight, thanks to a Five-Seven design that looks a bit like, well, see for yourself.

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