CS:GO player caught openly cheating by a streamer at DreamHack

A young CS:GO player was seen on stream using multiple hacks at DreamHack Winter in Sweden

Cheating in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has been a major problem for a while, and if anyone needs more evidence, this clip from a livestream broadcast from DreamHack Winter ought to make the case. A young player was spotted using CS:GO hacks at the event and making no effort to conceal the fact.

Streamer Robert ‘Benczek’ Benczynski was IRL streaming at DreamHack in Jonkoping, Sweden on Thursday, making his way around the tables holding competitors’ PCs. As our sister site The Loadout reports, Benczek notices a young player near the end of one of the tables using what appear to be third-person camera and bunny-hop scripts, giving himself an advantage in CS:GO.

Benczek addresses the player, who quickly looks over his shoulder and continues playing. Benczek addresses him again, this time in Swedish, asking him if he’s cheating. “Yeah,” the player says with a grin. Benczek chuckles at this and continues on his way around the event.

DreamHack is advertised as the world’s biggest LAN party, meaning players bring their own PCs to compete with other players.

Here’s the clip:

Watch DreamHack 2019 [PL] from Benczek on www.twitch.tv

That’s good news for the non-cheaters there, since Valve tends to hand down VAC bans on accounts it detects using hacks, and that could have applied to anyone using the PC the hacks are detected on.

But despite Valve’s efforts over the years to clamp down on cheating in CS:GO, the practice persists. Just this past week, we reported on a player named 2Eggs who has trained a deep-learning AI to find cheaters in the game. The AI has reported 15,356 possible cases of cheating so far, and 15,104 of those cases have resulted in VAC bans.

You can read more about hacks and the tools being developed to fight them at The Loadout.