Cyberpunk 2077 mod adds a garage interior to explore

A Cyberpunk 2077 modder has opened up a building interior in Night City with some nice rewards inside, and says more like this are on the way

Cyberpunk 2077 mod garage: A male V wearing a padded motorcycle helmet holds a heavy machine gun painted with a flame design while standing in a cluttered warehouse lit by skylights above.

One of the persistent issues you run into while exploring Cyberpunk 2077’s bustling Night City is that most of the buildings are closed off – only a few key buildings have interiors that you can explore. Fortunately, Cyberpunk 2077 modders are working on adding more of those, and Krat0es ‘Unofficial Content Patch’ mod does exactly that with a nondescript industrial building in the Santo Domingo district.

The mod, which you can find on Nexus Mods, opens up the interior of the Red White and Used repair shop in Santo Domingo, just south of the river in the industrial area where you can see the big 666th Street graffiti. Getting in isn’t completely straightforward: you’ll have to head around to the side alley and activate a scissor lift there to hop down to an upper deck area.

From there, you can head inside through the door. Catwalk scaffolding and staircases lead down to the shop floor, and the place is littered with cables, tools, workbenches, and the usual detritus you see in Night City’s shabbier areas.

It’s all very well done, and fits in seamlessly with the rest of the open world RPG game. While there’s not a lot to do with the building – you can’t designate it a headquarters or anything – it’s worth poking around. The back room contains an incredibly powerful sniper rifle, if you’re looking for a new Cyberpunk 2077 weapon.

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