Cyberpunk 2077 mod adds teleporting, bullet deflects to time dilation

A Cyberpunk 2077 mod for the RPG game from CD Projekt Red overhauls the Sandevistan time dilation system with teleportation, deflects, and additional abilities

Cyberpunk 2077 time dilation overhaul - a character in purple with a large afro and cybernetic facial enhancements

An ambitious Cyberpunk 2077 mod for the time dilation system in the RPG game completely overhauls its gameplay with distinct manufacturer differences, new NPC interactions, and a quite frankly staggeringly vast amount of customisation options. The mod’s creator says they aimed “to make time dilation gameplay more challenging and rewarding than the vanilla implementation” in the open-world game.

The Cyberpunk 2077 Time Dilation Overhaul mod by creator TeslaCoiled completely reworks the Sandevistan operating system, with unique balancing and perks for each of the seven different manufactures. Among the tricks on offer are allowing the time-slowing ability to be used viably with a ranged weapon build, enabling players to reflect bullets with a katana, utilising time dilation while in vehicles, and even teleporting your character.

In addition, NPCs with appropriate cyberware will be able to enter time dilation along with the player. Some may have weaker variants, allowing them to move faster than other characters but still slower than the players, while those with stronger cyberware might actually still be able to utilise their full ability set while you are in time dilation – so be careful!

When using time dilation, the player will take damage relative to the strength of the effect – under a certain threshold no damage will be dealt, but the more you drag time to a halt or attempt to do too many things under the Sandevistan effects, the more damage can be dealt to your body. TeslaCoiled notes that this damage is based on the player’s default resting health, however, so health-boosting consumables won’t increase the damage you take.

The main meat of the mod comes from the differentiation of the seven Sandevistan manufacturers; each with their own distinct playstyles and abilities. This includes new ones not found in the base game. Each has a slightly different time dilation strength, effect duration, and cooldown period after use. Here is a list of the manufacturers and their respective perks:

  • Zetatech – Enhances the user’s ranged weapons, allowing for vastly increased weapon attack speed.
  • Dynalar – Increased defence while blocking with bladed weapons, bullet reflection while using katanas, melee kills extend the time dilation duration.
  • QianT – High strength dilation, allowing users to bring enemies to almost a standstill while offering unparalleled melee performance and reduced detection while sprinting.
  • Militech – Improved ranged attack speed and enhanced power, tech, and smart ranged attack specials.
  • Raven (new) – Extremely high time dilation for a short period, removing manufacturer safety restrictions to allow users to unload a weapon’s entire magazine in an incredibly rapid burst at the cost of hefty recoil.
  • Fuyutsuki (new) – Extremely high time dilation, offering increased passive defence while sprinting and allowing users to instantly kill their foes with a single, precise katana strike in the blink of an eye.
  • MoorE (new) – Prototype model which passively increases the users reflexes, effectively slowing down enemies even outside of the time dilation period. Can be activated, allowing the user to plot a destination and ‘teleport’ to it, uploading malware to nearby foes upon arrival.

Every single one of the options on offer sounds like a ton of fun to us – and that’s just the beginning. You can also use a Flux Capacitor (of course) to enable time dilation while driving to improve your car’s performance. In addition, TeslaCoiled says that the mod features a total of 344 configurable variables accessible from a mod menu, allowing you to tweak every single aspect to your heart’s content. It’s certainly more than enough reason to tempt us back to Night City.

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