Cyberpunk 2077 quickhacking guide

All the quickhacks you can equip to your cyberdeck

Looking for the best quickhacks for your cyberdeck loadout? CD Projekt Red’s near-future open-world game is set in a city with tech running through its veins; more or less everyone is sporting Cyberpunk 2077 cyberware of some kind; from the lethal Cyberpunk 2077 Mantis Blades, to replacement eyes called optics; and this means pretty much anyone is susceptible to hacking and manipulation.

Quickhacks are a type of Cyberpunk 2077 hacking – you activate a quickhack by scanning and aiming at an individual or device, and then selecting a quickhack from the list – as long as you have the RAM for it. The RAM required to activate each quickhack varies depending on your level, your cyberware, or your chosen Cyberpunk 2077 perks.

Each cyberdeck comes with quickhacks pre-installed, so there are a few you can use in every situation. Your cyberdeck also has a number of slots for the quickhacks of your choice – these can be looted, earned as rewards, purchased from vendors, or crafted from crafting specs. You can occasionally obtain them by using the Datamine daemon, too – here are the best quickhacks we’ve found so far:

Cyberpunk 2077 device quickhacks

These quickhacks come pre-installed on your cyberdeck, and target devices such as computers, screens, and turrets. You’ll need to upgrade your cyberdeck to gain access to better device hacks.

  • Distract Enemies – causes a device to malfunction, resulting in erratic behaviour that will distract nearby people. This is great for Cyberpunk 2077 stealth, allowing you to sneak around while their attention is elsewhere.
  • Remote Deactivation – manipulates basic device functions, such as opening/closing doors and activating/deactivating cameras.
    Camera Control – grants full remote control access of the camera.
  • Breach Protocol – breaches the target’s ICE system to make enemies in the area more vulnerable to quickhacks.
  • Initiate Overload – overloads a device’s electrical circuitry, permanently destroying it.
  • Friendly Mode – overrides the target’s recognition module, causing you to be perceived as an ally and authorization holder. Turrets and cameras treat your enemies as their enemies and assist in combat whether you are in combat or stealth.
  • Assist Mode – forces a turret’s targeting into manual mode.
  • Take Control – enables remote operation of turrets and computers.

The Cyberpunk 2077 quickhacking screen

Cyberpunk 2077 antipersonnel quickhacks

Antipersonnel quickhacks are activated by targeting an individual – your cyberdeck has dedicated slots to equip whichever quickhacks best suit your needs. They’re divided into three types; combat, covert, and control.


These quickhacks damage and debuff enemies.

  • Short Circuit – deals 140 electrical damage to the target, very effective against drones, mechs, robots, and targets with a Weakspot.
  • Contagion – non lethal; deals low damage that applies Poison to the target. Spreads to two target(s) within an eight meter radius. Effective against closely grouped targets.
  • Overheat – non lethal; applies Burn to the target, dealing high damage over time. Less effective against drones, mechs, and robots. Targets affected by Burn from Overheat are unable to perform any actions.
  • Detonate Grenade – attacks the target’s neural cyberware, causing them to activate a grenade and hold it until it explodes
  • Synapse Burnout – lethal; deals moderate damage that scales higher based on how much health the target is missing. Less effective against drones, mechs, and robots.


These quickhacks are ideal for Cyberpunk 2077 stealth, allowing you to scout out areas and pass through them undetected.

  • Ping – pings the target’s network to reveal all people and devices connected to it.
  • Reboot Optics – resets an enemy’s optical cyberware, rendering them temporarily blind.
  • Memory Wipe – causes the target to exit combat state.
  • Whistle – the target will move to your current position. The target will no longer be in an Alerted State when moving to your current location.
  • Request Backup – calls over one enemy squad member(s).


These quickhacks are useful for dealing with large groups of enemies.

  • Sonic Shock – deafens the target, reducing their ability to detect enemy sounds. Prevents the target from communicating with their allies about your activity.
  • Cyberware Malfunction – disables the target’s cyberware abilities. Can disable movement or resistances. Very effective against fast-moving targets and netrunners. At higher rarities, can spread between targets.
  • Cripple Movement – disables the target’s ability to move from their current position. Can spread between targets at higher rarities.
  • Weapon Glitch – jam a target’s weapon, rendering it temporarily unusable. Causes the target’s weapon to malfunction, reducing its accuracy and disabling smart tracking and obstacle penetration. Rarer types spread to the nearest enemy within eight meters.

Those are all the Cyberpunk 2077 quickhacks we’ve encountered so far – but we’ll let you know if we discover more. If you’re looking for the most effective combat solutions, we suggest picking up a Cyberpunk 2077 iconic weapon – or even upgrading to Cyberpunk 2077 Mantis Blades.