Is Dark and Darker Steam Deck compatible?

The Dark and Darker demo plays nice with Steam Deck, but you'll want to make a few settings tweaks before playing the first person co-op D&D RPG on the go.

Is Dark and Darker Steam Deck compatible? Best described as DnD meets Skyrim, Dark and Darker is set to be an epic FPS fantasy RPG romp you won’t want to put down. Just like Dungeons and Dragons, co-op is the name of the game, so you could play with friends around a traditional tabletop table using Valve’s portable powerhouse.

Whether you’re planning a portable quest or looking to dungeon crawl at your desk, it’s worth checking out Dark and Darker system requirements. Doing so will help you get the Steam Next Fest demo up and running while avoiding any performance pitfalls linked to PC specs.

Is Dark and Darker Steam Deck compatible?

Yes, Dark and Darker will run on Steam Deck, as our tests confirm the hardcore RPG game works on the handheld. You’ll need to dial down some settings to boost fps, but the first-person fantasy adventure feels relatively smooth on the portable.

However, it’s worth noting that Steam Deck compatibility could change, our experience applies solely to the Dark and Darker demo. The game is still in alpha, and future changes under the hood could hamper the RPG on the handheld. That said, there’s every chance the co-op caper will retain support throughout its development, and could eventually earn ‘Verified’ status with a few tweaks.

Close up of Steam Deck with Dark and Darker launch screen

On that note, Valve says it’s still learning about Dark and Darker compatibility, and there are a few aspects that’d currently keep it from making the ‘Great on Deck’ list. For starters, user interface elements aren’t designed with the Deck’s screen in mind, so text and icons are on the small side. Official gamepad support also isn’t a thing, so you’ll need to improvise by using the touchpads as a mouse cursor.

That said, there are excellent community layouts already available that plug that particular gap, meaning you can play Dark and Darker using Valve’s controls without much of a hitch. You could even pair the handheld with the best Steam Deck dock and a PC controller if you fancy kicking back on the couch. And while you wait for the Dark and Darker release date, be sure to check out the Dark and Dark classes, and start planning your party members’ roles.

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