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This Dark Souls 3 mod demo “will feel like its own game”

Dark Souls 3 prequel mod Archthrones has finally revealed its demo release date, and it's set to show off its blend of Bloodborne, Elder Scrolls, and more.

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Dark Souls 3 is the last RPG game to come out of FromSoftware’s iconic trilogy, predating newer fan favorites such as Elden Ring. It isn’t hard to understand why the third installment was so well-received, from its dreary yet captivating setting to its punishing yet rewarding combat system. Many of us have long-awaited another worthy contender for the greatest soulslike experience within the series, and we could get one thanks to this upcoming Dark Souls 3 mod known as Archthrones. The stunning reimagination is getting a demo soon, and it’s gonna be huge.

Bloodborne isn’t coming to PC any time soon, except maybe in Minecraft, and Elden Ring’s DLC is still in the works. Archthrones has taken some of the coolest features from both soulslike games as well as others to create a massive overhaul mod the creator has described as being “on a scale never seen before.” With five new distinct worlds accessed via the Nexus of Embers, Archthrones is bringing a variety of bosses, enemies, and explorable areas to die (over and over again) with.

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The Archthrones demo will be available in September, every gamer’s favorite month. That’s right, soulslike fans can look forward to a lot more than just the Lies of P release date this fall. The mod’s creator has stated that the demo “will feel like its own game,” stating that players “will have plenty to do.” If you are interested in trying the expansive demo out yourself, you can find more information on the official Arthrones Patreon here.

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