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Dead by Daylight’s Mastermind is no longer playable, for now

Dead by Daylight's latest End Transmission patch has caused a game-breaking bug that prompted developers to temporarily disable The Mastermind.

The Mastermind from Dead by Daylight and Resident Evil, wearing his signature black sunglasses and leather coat while standing with his arms out against a fiery backdrop

Dead by Daylight is one of those horror games you can never really get enough of. Whether you are playing through the diverse variety of maps with some of your closest friends or teaming up with complete strangers, you are almost always guaranteed to have a bit of fun. Dead by Daylight is also consistently receiving updates from its developers, with the most recent one having just dropped. As is the case with many new content releases in games, players have encountered bugs that developers quickly took note of.

One of these bugs affects The Mastermind, a popular killer in Dead by Daylight that was added during a collaboration with Resident Evil. Developers took to Twitter to share that they have disabled The Mastermind temporarily, citing “a bug in today’s update.” Unfortunately, the developers have not specified how long The Mastermind will remain unplayable, simply saying that “he will be re-enabled once the issue is fixed in an upcoming patch.” They have also not yet described the game-breaking bug cited as the reason for them pulling the killer as a playable character, but it likely involves him somehow.

To temporarily stop players from being able to use The Mastermind following the Dead by Daylight patch, devs made use of one of their newest tools—the Kill Switch. This recently added feature gives the team the ability to temporarily switch off any characters, cosmetics, items, maps, or offerings that are causing game-breaking issues. While the Kill Switch is employed, whatever has been disabled will no longer be available for selection or use. For instance, if a map is identified as a bug’s cause, it will automatically be removed from the rotation and players will not be able to select it in custom games, either.

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You can access Dead by Daylight’s Kill Switch list here, where more information is detailed on how the feature works and what developers have currently disabled in-game. I personally hope that the Kill Switch’s effects don’t last too long and that the devs Tweet out some more info on the situation so players know where everything is at currently. I know a lot of fans are happy to see The Mastermind gone, but many killer mains are not.

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