Get DBD’s Attack on Titan cosmetics cheap before they’re gone

Dead by Daylight is getting rid of its Attack on Titan collection soon, but you can grab DBD’s limited-time cosmetics for cheap during their sale.

Three Dead by Daylight survivors dressed in uniforms from Attack on Titan

Dead by Daylight often collaborates with other horror games and iconic TV shows, whether that be by bringing in new killers and survivors to play as or by adding relevant cosmetics to its optional shop. A good example of such collaborative efforts is Dead by Daylight‘s Attack on Titan cosmetic collection, featuring uniforms from the renowned anime. The collection officially dropped a year ago, and has remained available to players since. Unfortunately, it won’t be around much longer, but you can quickly grab your skins during this final sale.

The DBD developers took to Twitter earlier today to share that the Attack on Titan cosmetics would not be around much longer. The Attack on Titan collection is set to leave the in-game store on Tuesday, July 18. Thankfully, if you have yet to grab any items from the collection, the shop is hosting a sale on the Attack on Titan cosmetics before their removal next month. The sale is set to start on Monday, June 19, giving us one final chance to show off our inner Eren or Levi before the collaboration ends for good.

The survivor uniforms include Eren’s, Mikasa’s, Levi’s, Annie’s, Armin’s, Historia’s, Hange’s, and Kenny’s. They each belong to a respective survivor, so if you want to look like Levi you’re gonna have to play as Jake Park. The killer skins include an Armored Titan and a War Hammer Titan, obtainable for The Oni and The Spirit characters respectively. Any cosmetic you purchase will remain permanently usable after the collection’s removal on July 18.

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Along with any purchase you make from the Attack on Titan collection, you will receive the Cadet Corps Crest Charm. If you want access to all of the unique charms, you will need to buy at least three survivor skins and one killer skin. You can find the full details on the crossover event here. It’s always sad to see collaborations between two beloved series end, but it’s great that the DBD team is letting the collection go out with a discounted bang.

If you love good deals but have yet to play Dead by Daylight, you can celebrate the game’s anniversary and jump right in by grabbing it during the DBD Steam sale. The recent End Transmission patch has added a ton of cool content to the game, from a new killer to a massive map, so it’s the perfect time to start playing. Alternatively, check out this month’s DBD codes for fun in-game freebies if you have already played.