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Dead by Daylight confirms more killer nerfs, and The Pig isn’t safe

It's official, Behaviour Interactive's latest update roadmap shows new killer changes and we may indeed see The Pig nerfed again in DBD.

Dead by Daylight is heavy on our minds with the release of its latest killer, deadly doll Chucky. Behaviour Interactive has even more changes in store for us, with a recent livestream confirming various quality-of-life changes, gameplay updates, and of course, killer tweaks. You’re probably wondering if your main is facing future changes. Chances are that if you play as a killer, The Pig included, the DBD tweaks will affect you.

That’s right, we may see even more nerfs come to The Pig in Dead by Daylight. One of the horror game‘s most long-standing memes lives on as Behaviour Interactive shares its detailed roadmap on coming tweaks. The Pig isn’t the only killer affected though, with everyone from Sadako to the Demogorgon facing kit adjustments.

Around January to March, Sadako stans will finally see The Onryo get her deserved rework. The developer admits that the killer’s prior changes “didn’t quite hit the mark.” Behaviour Interactive says the new update will target the condemned playstyle specifically and get Sadako closer to her “initial iteration.”

Dead by daylight update roadmap detailing the killer changes and the planned timeline

The dev also says that The Hillbilly, one of Dead by Daylight’s OG killers, is going to be “a little less frustrating” to play. The team is reworking his Overheat mechanic, one that has historically prompted its fair share of controversy among the community. The Blight is another killer facing changes during the turn of the year, with a much-needed update to his Add-ons.

From March to April, Behaviour Interactive is tweaking The Hag, The Pig, The Huntress, The Demogorgon, The Clown, and The Doctor. While the dev hasn’t yet shared too much info on these killers’ changes, a lot of us can’t help but wonder if we’re getting even more Pig nerfs. While we do hear there’s “no” Pig nerf towards the end of the stream, I’m skeptical. Hopefully, we at least get a buff for Amanda’s crouch movement speed.

April to June doesn’t see as many killer updates, aside from those to The Twins. The dev says a “long-awaited killer update” is underway for Charlotte and Victor, including a power rework. Just in case all of you survivor mains think you’ve been forgotten in the roadmap, The Twins’ tweaks “address frustrations on both sides of the game.”

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While the killer changes are definitely the highlight of the latest stream and content roadmap, we’re also getting tons of quality-of-life updates. Remember the recent Dead by Daylight killer nerf that saw the dreaded Batteries Included rework? The dev is reverting the useful perk’s massive nerf, along with various other tweaks further detailed in the stream.

If you want to see how The Pig compares to more of the game’s vicious villains, browse through our Dead by Daylight killers tier list while you wait for all of the upcoming tweaks. For free in-game goodies, you can also check our roundup of the latest DBD codes and snag limited-time freebies.

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