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Dead by Daylight’s most OP killer nerfed ahead of update

Behaviour Interactive prepares for its addition of Chucky to the ever-expanding Dead by Daylight roster with nerfs for the new DBD killer.

Dead by Daylight: Chucky, a scarred doll of a boy with choppy ginger hair, smiles to the side with a knife in hand

Dead by Daylight is bringing even more of our favorite cult horror film icons to its beloved cast of killers, with Behaviour Interactive gearing up to add the world’s freakiest doll to the roster. Chapter 30 and its biggest feature, Chucky, aren’t quite here just yet, but players have been slicing and dicing their way through survivors as the red-haired porcelain boy in a Public Test Build. In preparation for Chucky’s full release, the DBD developer has taken feedback into account and is making changes.

While Dead by Daylight‘s upcoming killer nears his big release date, the horror game‘s developer is busy working to perfect Chucky’s gameplay with feedback from the PTB. The community has generally been happy with Chucky’s role as a killer in-game, prompting Behaviour Interactive to keep any changes relevant to him quite light. Nonetheless, players will notice a few nerfs including one particularly significant change to Unique Perk Batteries Included.

Behaviour Interactive writes in its developer update that the Batteries Included perk is “far stronger during the end game” than the team had intended it to be. The developer feels that this is especially obvious on small maps and when the new perk is paired with others, and is in turn changing the perk to now deactivate when exit gates are powered. Fans may not be too happy to see this additional clause though, as it renders the perk far less useful for end-game play.

Players are already responding to the change, expressing frustration at how Behaviour Interactive was quick to nerf a useful perk due to its synergy with others but hasn’t done the same to notoriously OP ones such as Hope and Made For This. As a fan, it feels like the devs have nerfed Chucky’s perk way too early and possibly even killed its appeal before the actual update drops with the Chapter 30 release date.

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The dev also details other changes that seem quite fair. To help give survivors a better chance against the killer doll, the team is increasing the time it takes to Scamper under a pallet and adjusting Chucky’s movement speed after missing a Slice & Dice attack. The killer’s attack itself also sees an increase in duration with the update, along with a “balancing pass on many of the other Add-Ons.”

Chucky isn’t the only killer facing some nerfs, either. The recent Dead by Daylight update to Trickster featured buffs for the spooky game’s most fashionable killer, but the dev feels that they may have made him “a little too powerful.” To help counter this and the community’s frustration while playing against the Trickster, the update sees the popstar killer’s throw rate fall back down to three blades per second. Main Event will also require eight blades to activate now instead of the six needed in the PTB.

Behaviour Interactive notes that this could be the final developer update posted before the new year. The patch including all of the listed changes arrives on Tuesday, November 28, alongside Chapter 30 and Chucky. Hopefully, we will see the dev rework Batteries Included once more as the team looks to player feedback. The coming changes to Add-On effects are great and all, but I’d love for players who haven’t accessed the PTB to experience the full force of Child Play’s deadly doll.

While you wait to see Dead by Daylight’s new killer changes come into effect, be sure to catch up on all of the latest DBD codes for some fun freebies. Alternatively, look through our in-depth roundup of all of the horror game’s murderous villains and how they rank against each other in our Dead by Daylight killers tier list. Your go-to killer may not be the best and another you’ve not tried could end up as your new favorite.

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