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Dead by Daylight gets its first canon trans survivor, kind of

Behaviour Interactive teams up with Rainbow Six Siege for DBD's first trans character, a survivor based on R6S defending operator Tubarão.

Dead by Daylight trans survivor: A man wearing military gear holds a grenade of sorts in his right hand as though he'll throw it, a misty dark forest behind him

Dead by Daylight is always improving as Behaviour Interactive listens to the community and takes all feedback into consideration. The game has forever been a cozy haven for us LGBT+ players, with the developer’s outspoken support for Pride and fans that fit under the diverse umbrella of identities. While rainbow cosmetics are fun, we’ve all waited for more representation among DBD’s roster of killers and survivors. Thanks to a new collaboration with Rainbow Six Siege, we now have it as the game introduces its first transgender character.

What’s the best part of being in the Dead by Daylight community? How accepting it is of us gaymers, of course. Behaviour Interactive is known for its unwavering support, with free DBD codes that give in-game Pride goodies and annual events celebrating LGBT+ players.

Something we’ve all wanted since David King’s introduction, The Hag’s iconic Birch skin, and other inclusive additions is a true trans character. Not just another skin, but a way to play the horror game as a trans survivor or killer.

We now can, thanks to Renato Lyra’s new legendary set based on R6S’ own trans character, Tubarão. If you aren’t big on Rainbow Six, Tubarão is a Portuguese defending operator who wields explosives. Ubisoft has confirmed that he is in fact trans, which makes him Dead by Daylight’s first official trans survivor. As he’s an alternate model for Renato, you can obtain him for 1,485 Auric Cells in the character shop.

Dead by Daylight screenshot showing the Tubarão character in-game as well as the shop details

While there has been speculation about killers in the past being trans, like The Birch or The Twins. However, The Birch isn’t a legendary skin but rather a costume of the film’s character, and any talk surrounding The Twins is simply speculative. Now that we have Tubarão, all we need is for Behaviour Interactive to add its own original trans character.

Remember the Dead by Daylight Trixie Mattel event? I’d also love more of those, too. Forget another pig nerf, give us more Pride. Or, at least confirm some of our LGBT+ headcanons. Queer Sadako, I rest my case.

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