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Dead Island 2’s gore-filled music festival DLC is out now

SoLA, Dead Island 2's second story DLC, is now available, and it takes players to a blood-drenched festival to find the source of "the Beat."

Spring has arrived in much of the world, and that means concert season is about to kick into gear fairly soon. If you’re not picky about the (de)composition of the crowd, you can jump in early today: SoLA, the second DLC for Dead Island 2, is now available, and it features a massive music festival grounds where a strangely compelling rhythm is drawing in the undead from all over LA County.

Dead Island 2‘s first DLC, Haus, was a delightful change of pace for the zombie game, and SoLA seems more in line with the game’s established themes of Los Angeles’ bountiful color and excessive wealth. It takes place in a new location, the SoLA festival grounds, which feature music stages, over-the-top decorations, and high-tech sound and lighting equipment all over the place.

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It’s up to you to head into this ruined festival grounds to find the source of the Beat of the Autophage, a mysterious rhythm that somehow turns the living into bloodthirsty zombies. There are new apex enemies to face, like the Whipper, which flings its own intestines at you at surprisingly long range. You’ll also want to watch out for the Clotter, which can melt into a puddle of rotten goo and then reconstitute itself behind you and fire a “powerful jet of putrid blood from its heart.” Gross.

Fortunately, survivors also get a few new weapons to deal with these threats. There’s the Ripper, which is a circular saw blade mounted at the end of a baseball bat, as well as a saw blade launcher, which can decapitate a zombie at long range.

SoLA is included in the Dead Island 2 expansion pass and the gold edition. You can also purchase it separately, and it’s currently 10% off its $14.99 list price on the Epic Games Store. Dead Island 2 will be available on Steam April 22.

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