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The Dead Space Remake launch trailer crash lands into the Ishimura

The Dead Space Remake launch trailer is now available to watch on YouTube and Steam, showing Isaac's arrival on the sci-fi horror game's infested USG Ishimura

Dead Space Remake launch trailer leak: Isaac Clarke is shown close-up, without his helmet - he is clean shaven and has a crew cut hairstyle that has grown out a bit

The Dead Space Remake launch trailer has arrived ahead of schedule, showing engineer Isaac Clarke and friends crash landing onto the USG Ishimura in renewed graphical fidelity. The trailer for the sci-fi horror game shows some familiar scenes from the original version, all cranked up to 11 and bristling with enhanced, rebuilt visuals.

There’s another close-up shot of protagonist Isaac Clarke, here looking perhaps less like Adam Sandler (as several uncharitable internet commenters suggested recently) and more like the junior detective in a Scandinavian crime serial. There’s only a brief look at the fellow, however, before he pops on his distinctive helmet and gets to work being menaced by necromorphs.

The launch trailer, which you can also view on the Dead Space Remake Steam page, does a fairly good job of setting the scene aboard the stricken ship USG Ishimura. Isaac and his team make an emergency crash landing, and quickly discover that things have gone extremely bad indeed.

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Developer Motive has also published a new blog post about the work it’s done to preserve and, er, flesh out the story to keep pace with the remake, and with the Dead Space universe itself – which has grown significantly since the game first launched in 2008.

Double-check the Dead Space Remake system requirements if you’re planning on slicing up some necromorphs on your PC. The Dead Space Remake release date is set for January 27.