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Dead Space Leviathan boss guide

All the tips and tricks you need to know if you’re wondering how to beat the Dead Space Leviathan boss in the remake, because this sphincter is a huge pain.

Dead Space screenshot of Leviathan boss

Desperate to learn how to beat the Dead Space Leviathan boss in the remake? Don’t worry, we’ll help you launch the sci-fi sphincter into the abyss. The remake’s undead mass of toxic tentacles is arguably just as difficult to trump as the original, but Motive’s new zero-gravity feature makes all the difference this time around.

Dead Space Remake boss fights are few and far between, but fans of the 2008 release will remember the Dead Space Leviathan. Motive’s take on the gargantuan Necromorph looks gnarlier than ever in one of the best PC games of 2023, but it still pulls some irritating moves to send Isaac to his grave. All the best horror games usually feature a difficult encounter or two, but if you prepare beforehand – including the best Dead Space weapon upgrades and suit upgrades – it makes the eerie exchange all the more enjoyable.

Dead Space Leviathan boss fight

You’ll reach the Dead Space Leviathan at the very end of chapter six in the “Food Storage” area of Hydroponics, and you’ll have to use zero gravity to trigger the fight. Before doing so, make sure you use kinesis to collect floating resources, as it’ll save you scrambling for consumables mid-fight. We’d also suggest dragging the room’s explosive containers to an accessible spot, as they’ll provide you with extra firepower.

Dead Space screenshot of Leviathan boss

Once you’re ready, float forward to wake the Leviathan and initiate the fight. Off the bat, its mass of tentacles is going to try and strike you down, but you can anticipate attacks by listening out for its precursor screams and using Isaac’s gravity boosters to move out of harm’s way. You’ll be able to get rid of each appendage by targeting the yellow sack at its base, and successfully doing this four times will trigger the next phase of the fight.

After making all four tentacles retract, the Leviathan will open its mouth and fire explosive sacks at you. Attacking its mouth using something like the Contact Beam should help shut its gob, but you can also throw back its own projectiles using kinesis.

Successfully damaging the Leviathan’s disgusting centre will kick off the third and final part of the fight, and you’ll have to deal with tentacles, projectiles, and toxic gas. As long as you followed our advice earlier and collected all surrounding resources, you should have an oxygen canister or two in your inventory, and using them will effectively extend the amount of time you have at your disposal.

Dead Space screenshot of Leviathan boss

Time is of the essence, and beating the Dead Space Leviathan requires damaging both its mouth and those tentacle pus sacks from earlier intermittently. It takes quite a few shots to destroy each of the latter, but using kinesis to launch those explosive canisters should speed things up. It might sound obvious, but the key to success is not getting hit, as maintaining rhythm is the only thing that’ll stop you from suffocating.

With any luck, the Leviathan should now be floating into the void. We’d love to tell you that this is the last time you’ll see the cosmic butthole, but it sadly shows up to ruin Isaac’s day in a later chapter ahead of the Dead Space Remake ending. If you’re looking to encounter later boss fights better prepared, check out our guide to the Dead Space power node locations, and ensure you’re up to date on how to increase your security clearance level. Of course, not every monster in the game is a Necromorph, and the Dead Space Remake cast list will reveal the voices behind the game’s hostile human villains.