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Is Dead Space Remake Steam Deck compatible?

As a Steam Deck Verified game, the Dead Space Remake runs on the handheld machine without any major problems the horror game's performance may be lacking.

Steam Deck with Dead Space protagonist Isaac Clarke on screen and artwork backdrop

Is Dead Space Remake Steam Deck compatible? Valve’s handheld gaming PC is something of a portable powerhouse, and it’s got the stomach to handle the horror game revamp. We’re here to fill you in on what to expect when playing Dead Space Remake on Deck, should you fancy taking the gory glow-up on the go.

As per the Dead Space Remake system requirements, you’ll need 50GB of space freed up to install the game. Unfortunately, this means you’ll need one of the best Steam Deck SD cards to get it on the 64GB base model, as the amount of storage available to you won’t be enough.

Is Dead Space Remake Steam Deck compatible?

Yes, Dead Space Remake is Steam Deck Verified. That said, if you’re looking for an experience that matches the PS5 or even a half-decent rig, you might find its performance to be somewhat putrid.

The Steam Deck might be a fully-fledged PC, but even the best Dead Space settings won’t necessarily help you boost fps on the handheld. With every setting cranked to ‘low’, we couldn’t reach 60fps while playing Dead Space on Steam Deck. Switching AMD FSR 2.0 to ‘performance’ mode actually bumps frame rates to well above the above sweet spot, but it visually transformed the visceral ship into a blurry mess on Valve’s handheld.

Steam Deck with Dead Space launch screen next to small plush minotaur

We already know that Motive’s remake is demanding, as Dead Space Remake system requirements set a lofty specs bar. Yet, there’s a chance that future patches will lend a performance helping hand in the future, as even makes the RTX 4080 will sweat right now.

Failing that, you’ll have to wait for the eventual Steam Deck 2 to arrive on the scene, as it should take Valve’s vision for portable performance to the next level. If you’re planning on playing on a conventional PC for now, check out our Dead Space weapon upgrade locations guide and get the jump on every Necromorph.

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