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Death Stranding’s Cyberpunk 2077 update adds hacking abilities and Silverhand’s arm

Now Sam can disable electronics in combat with some of Cyberpunk's netrunning skills

Death Stranding now has a Cyberpunk 2077 crossover, with the former game’s latest update adding some Cyberpunk cosmetics and abilities to Sam Porter Bridges’ already heavy cargo load. With the latest update for Death Stranding, you’ll be able to use some of Cyberpunk 2077’s hacking abilities in combat, and wear some of Cyberpunk’s most recognisable looks.

The free Death Stranding update, which weighs in at a hefty 34.5 GB on PC, adds a nice selection of Cyberpunk 2077 cosmetic options. There’s a red Night City-style skin for the reverse trike vehicle, which offers improved jumping power. You can also deck Sam out in Johnny Silverhand’s cybernetic arm, and give Sam his aviator sunglasses (that is, if you’re willing to give up Gordon Freeman’s distinctive specs). Sam’s face can also be changed to include those distinctive cyberpunky grooves that indicate extensive augmentation.

Most interesting, however, are the newly added hacking abilities, inspired by the netrunner daemons available in Cyberpunk 2077. Using the new abilities, Sam can sneak around, remotely disabling sensor poles and short-circuiting odradeks and enemy trucks. Johnny’s robotic arm also gives Sam’s melee punch some extra oomph.

You can see the update in action here, courtesy of 505 Games:

While most of the content in the update is just fun cosmetic stuff, the hacking abilities could legitimately change the way you play Death Stranding – we’ll have to see how well they balance out with the rest of the open-world game’s design.

In any case, it’s hardly surprising to see this crossover – we spotted Death Stranding director Hideo Kojima in Cyberpunk 2077 pretty early on, holding court in the hotel bar right before the first big heist.