Destiny 2 airborne effectiveness is getting a long overdue buff

The latest This Week at Bungie outlines a long-awaited airborne effectiveness buff in Destiny 2 and several welcome weapon changes

Destiny 2 airborne effectiveness is getting a big buff across every category, Bungie announced in the June 30 This Week at Bungie. Or more accurately, the airborne effectiveness penalty for accuracy and aim assist is getting nerfed in the FPS game. Bungie senior design lead Chris Proctor said the changes came after spending a significant deal of time testing them in Season 18, and rather than making everyone wait until that season launches, the team plans on adding these changes during Season 17 – though they mentioned no release date.


“We were cautious about making weapons too easy to use while airborne at Season 17 launch, preferring to take some time to evaluate and then buff accordingly, rather than having to nerf. We’ve seen this play out in the game for several weeks now and are confident that we can safely, significantly decrease the airborne accuracy and aim-assist penalties on Primary weapons.”

In short, the changes will improve the baseline airborne accuracy and aim assist for all primary weapons, raise airborne effectiveness for several Exotics, and adds a buff to some existing airborne effectiveness perks.

The TWAB goes into specifics about several other weapon tweaks, most notably that Lorentz and Last Word nerfs are in the works, along with the Gjallarhorn. Handcannons and Scout Rifles are getting some long-overdue buffs to their base damage and critical hit damage.

Elsewhere, Bungie said Grandmaster Trials are making a comeback soon, though mentioned no specific date.

Meanwhile, there’s still plenty to be getting on with until these changes do show up. If you’re looking for Xur or the current Legendary Lost Sector, or wondering what the Nightfall weapons and Timelost weapons are this week, we’ve got you covered on that front