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Destiny 2 has a new boss-rush mode

Take on a series of Destiny 2's toughest foes in the new Pantheon gauntlet, part of the lead-up to the launch of The Final Shape expansion.

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Destiny 2 has a new challenge for guardians starting today. The new Pantheon event is a boss-rush mode that pits fireteams against a series of four raid bosses. It’s a way to earn some of the game’s most valuable rewards, and it’ll get tougher over the course of the next month.

Pantheon is part of Destiny 2‘s Into the Light event, which has been running since April 9. As the MMO‘s big bad The Witness marshals his forces across Sol, guardians have been called back to the Last City to prepare for the final confrontation – which we’ll presumably experience in The Final Shape expansion.

Pantheon is one way to hone your skills. During the first week, it’ll feature a set of four of Destiny 2’s raid bosses to defeat in sequence. That number will grow with each subsequent week, ultimately becoming a series of eight bosses in week four.

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There’s more on the line here than raid boss practice, however. This is Destiny 2, so obviously there’s loot to be gained. Bungie says the Pantheon is a way to earn some of the game’s hightest-tier gear, including Adept raid weapons and exotics, by completing some of the associated triumphs. For the best rewards, you’ll need to achieve a platinum score – and if you do, you’ll be able to claim the title of Godslayer.

Bungie has even produced one of its pieces of bragging-rights merchandise, the Pantheon Raid Ring, for players who have completed the Pantheon’s challenges. You’ll be able to purchase this sterling silver ring (emblazoned with the Destiny 2 skull motif) if you can finish all challenges at any tier of the Pantheon by June 3 at 6am PT / 9am ET / 2pm BST.

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