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Bungie addresses Destiny 2 Lightfall criticism with sweeping changes

Bungie is addressing Destiny 2 Lightfall criticism with an array of sweeping changes, some which were already implemented and many yet to come in the FPS game.

Bungie addresses Destiny 2 Lightfall criticism with sweeping changes: A Cabal enemy holds their weapon in Neomuna.

Even Destiny 2 Lightfall criticism couldn’t stop millions of players from enjoying the game’s most recent expansion in the popular FPS game, which suffered from negative feedback regarding its shallow campaign, gruelling difficulty, all-new Guardian Ranks system, Commendations, and Lost Sector drop rates. However, Bungie has taken that feedback to heart in a new blog post led primarily by Destiny 2 game director Joe Blackburn, which addresses nearly every major player complaint since Lightfall’s launch.

The update highlights major adjustments to Guardian Ranks, reveals plans for Exotic focusing, explains recent difficulty causes and adjustments, shares changes based on feedback regarding Nightfall score ranking, and even promises that players will soon be able to grant Commendations for player swag.

In a post titled Reflecting on Lightfall: Launch and Beyond, the dev team notes the game experienced its “highest number of concurrent players in years” with the launch of its new expansion. It then segues into text from Blackburn, which explicitly addresses player criticism regarding the recent expansion.

“We’ve taken a broad look at community feedback across the game since launch and have been working to address several areas in the coming weeks, while also forging ahead on content for our upcoming seasons,” Blackburn says.

After discussing the goals behind Destiny 2 Guardian Ranks and Commendations, Blackburn acknowledges the team missed the mark in its ranking system. In the future, players will not have as many requirements to reset their ranks each season, and Commendations will not be so closely tied to Guardian Rank progress. Further, Bungie will soon incorporate Commendations for Best Dressed, a feature players have requested since Lightfall’s launch.

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Blackburn also says the midseason patch will increase map score modifiers on Nightfalls to make it easier to reach specific scores. The game will also scale back some enemy hordes and the damage some enemies can take. It also promises Neomuna patrols will be easier to complete and will more reliably matchmake players with other Guardians partaking in Terminal Overload. The team will also increase the spawn rate of Vex Strike Force events, and these events will drop new Exotic armour for players who have any left to collect.

It also outlines several season 21 buildcrafting updates, including introducing two new amour mods and changes to the Shoot to Loot weapon perk that will now allow it to loot Orbs of Power in addition to ammo boxes. The update also reiterates the introduction of three forthcoming Strand Aspects, one of each of the Guardian classes.

Bungie addresses Destiny 2 Lightfall criticism with sweeping changes: Guardians enter combat on Neomuna.

As of Destiny 2 season 21, Trials of Osiris will launch as of week one of the season, instead of holding the launch as players level their characters because there will be no Power cap increases next season. Further, Grandmaster Nightfalls will begin on a rotation schedule as of the fourth week of the season instead of waiting until midseason as they have in the past. The game will also introduce Exotic engram focusing to give players more control of what Exotics they hope to attain with better stats.

Finally, Blackburn hints at changes to 15 low-performing Exotics, improving raid and dungeon drop chances through Triumphs, and addressing team-unfriendly Vanguard weapon bounties.

Though season 21 is on the horizon, players still have several weeks to grind for Destiny 2 Lightfall Exotics and explore everything the current season offers, such as Destiny 2 Iron Banner, which is taking place in the multiplayer game right now.