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Destiny 2 crossplay guide

Knowing if Destiny 2 crossplay is available to you and your console brethren can give you an edge when tackling a difficult raid or destroying enemies in PvP.

Destiny 2 crossplay: three futuristic soldiers stand side by side

If you’re wondering about Destiny 2 crossplay, then you’re in luck. The hugely popular shooter is built around social interaction, with players teaming up in nearly every aspect of the game, whether that’s something as simple as a public event in the overworld, to a crushingly difficult raid, you need players to have your back if you want to survive.

Teaming up in Destiny 2 was traditionally confined to those players with whom you shared a platform, with PC players being forced to stick together. But what if you have friends who enjoyed the FPS game on a console, is there a way to get everyone involved so you can enjoy one of the best PC games ever in the company of friends? With the Destiny 2 Lightfall release date on the horizon, it’s more vital than ever.

Destiny 2 crossplay: three soldiers stand in awe of a huge futuristic cityscape

Does Destiny 2 have crossplay?

Destiny 2 does indeed have crossplay enabled, and has since late 2021. That means that you can team up with your friends, regardless of which platform they play the free PC game on. PC, Playstation, and Xbox players can invite each other and perform any in-game activities they choose.

How to enable Destiny 2 crossplay

When crossplay was added to Destiny 2, every player was assigned a Bungie name, which was the name of the player’s account followed by four digits. Your Bungie name is universal across every platform and is how other players invite you to their games.

When Bungie names were assigned, players also got access to the Bungie friends list. This is how you add players from other platforms to your roster, and can be accessed in-game or by heading to this page on Bungie.net. Once your Bungie name is set, and you’ve added your friends to the roster, it’s just a case of inviting them to your fireteam and you’re good to go.

Destiny 2 crossplay: a future soldier wearing egyptian styled armour runs towards the camera holding an assault rifle

Destiny 2 crossplay matchmaking

With the mixture of PC and console players, it’s important to note that there are occasionally some limitations when it comes to competitive play. If your fireteam contains even a single PC player, you will all be placed in the PC player pool for the activity. If you don’t want console players in your lobbies, you can turn crossplay off by going to the settings page.

Anything classed as non-competitive, such as Strikes and events in the overworld, will be open to players on all platforms by default, and you will not be matched with a specific pool of players. The only current activity that requires crossplay to be enabled is the Trials of Osiris.

There you have it, Destiny 2 crossplay, and how to use it. Getting your friends together to take on a tough challenge is what makes this game so special, and with the next expansion not far off, you’d do well to read up on the new Strand subclass to see if its abilities will put your Destiny 2 builds over the top.