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Catch up on seasonal storylines with the Destiny 2 cutscene archive

The Destiny 2 cutscene archive comes to YouTube, allowing Guardians who have missed past seasons to check out storylines in Bungie's popular FPS game.

Catch up on seasonal storylines with the Destiny 2 cutscene archive: Anna Bray shows concern for Rasputin in Destiny 2's Season of the Seraph.

The Destiny 2 cutscene archive has arrived on YouTube, allowing players who have missed seasonal story beats or want story refreshers to relive key moments in the FPS game‘s history. Now on the official Destiny 2 YouTube page, fans of the series can now watch content from seasons 15 through 19. The Bungie team also says it will eventually upload most of the cutscenes through the game’s history, giving new and lapsed players a chance to experience content they may have missed.

Destiny 2’s nonlinear storyline means it’s tough for newer players to fully understand the depth of the game’s lore, especially given players have a limited timeframe to play through seasonal story content before it leaves the game. Further, critical parts of past campaigns are missing due to Bungie’s decision to get remove several locations such as Io, Mars, Mercury, and Titan several years ago. A full cutscene archive will help players understand how various storyline threads tie together, though it will be some time before Bungie uploads all of the cutscenes to its YouTube page. The team says it hopes to upload one or two every few months.

Catch up on seasonal storylines with the Destiny 2 cutscene archive: Mara Sov shares her wisdom in Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph.

Bungie announced its archive as part of its This Week at Bungie blog post series, noting the decision to upload the cutscenes was made in response to fan feedback.

“Today we wanted to share something else we’ve been working on that has been a hotly requested feature. As of right now, our YouTube channel has all the cutscenes for the following releases,” the post says, followed by a series of embedded YouTube cutscene videos starting with Season of the Lost and up through Season of the Seraph, the precursor to Lightfall and Destiny 2 season 20.

The Bungie team also requests that players no longer upload full cutscenes since there’s now an official cutscene database in the works. However, fans still have broad permission to use cutscene content in fan creations, such as the films submitted to its Movie of the Week series and other content, presumably meaning video content such as lore recaps and player reaction content.

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The weekly update also contains a summary of recent Lightfall changes and some insight into which weapons will be leaving the game’s Nightfall, Trials of Osiris, and Crucible activities and new ones that will enter the game’s ritual activities as of Destiny 2 season 21. It also notes that Grandmaster Nightfalls will return as of next week, offering players a recap of how these will work about Lightfall difficulty changes and other recent in-game tweaks.

While the season is nearing its halfway point, there’s still plenty to discover in Bungie’s popular multiplayer game. For example, players still have plenty of time to chase new Destiny 2 Lightfall Exotics, such as the Final Warning Strand sidearm or the Winterbite Exotic glaive.