Destiny 2’s Exotic weapons are getting a big change with Warmind


Earlier this week we saw the reveal for Destiny 2’s upcoming Warmind expansion, and we’ve heard about coming buffs to the game’s Exotic weapons. Now, the latest This Week at Bungie explains how the studio plan on really making Exotics stand out in player inventories once the new content arrives May 8, and it’s through a new Exotic Masterworks system.

Will Warmind be able to re-energize Destiny 2? Here’s what we think.

Bungie’s senior investment designer Mark Uyeda says in the Thursday post that since Exotics are relatively easy to get your hands on in Destiny 2, dedicated players need something beyond simply acquiring the weapons to stay interested. And the Exotic Masterworks will provide a path of unique goals to accomplish after you’ve already got your Coldheart or Vigilance Wing.

Each existing Exotic weapon in Destiny 2 will have an Exotic Masterwork, and the upgrade process begins when you find an Exotic. On it, you’ll find clues that hint at how to find an item called an Exotic Masterwork Catalyst specific to that weapon.

Once you’ve found the Catalyst, you’ll be able to apply it to the weapon, granting orb generation for double kills right away. Like Legendary Masterworks, Exotics with their catalysts applied will track kills. But the catalyst will also give you “bounty-like objectives” that need to be completed in order to raise the Exotic to a Masterwork, which will grant stat and/or perk bonuses.

Destiny 2: Upgrade Coldheart to MasterworkCredit: Bungie

Bungie haven’t said what these objectives will be, but they’ve said they’re pre-determined and not randomly-generated. And they’re going to be keeping mum on how to find the catalysts as well – you’ll have to work that out on your own, or conceivably check your favorite (ahem) gaming sites for guides.

Once you do have an Exotic upgraded to a Masterwork, it’ll apply across your account, and any duplicates of that weapon you find through Engrams, milestones, or the Exotic Collection will drop at the same level of progress you’ve already made on that upgrade path.

Another piece of good news is that none of the objectives involved in elevating Exotics will take up inventory slots – it’ll all be handled right on the weapon’s individual details screen.

It’s an interesting solution to what amounts to players not having enough to grind for in Destiny 2, and Bungie say they’ll be watching to see how the player community reacts to it.

“As with all things in Destiny 2, these new features are subject to evolution,” Uyeda wrote.