Destiny 2 dog plush can soon be yours

Destiny 2 dog petters who find the puppy as part of a secret objective can now pre-order an exclusive plushie from the Bungie Store

Destiny 2 dog plush can soon be yours: an image of the Destiny 2 exo-dog in a season 19 backdrop.

Destiny 2 dog seekers who pet the exo-pup as part of a hidden objective involving the mission Operation Seraph’s Shield can now preorder an exclusive Archangel Dog plushie from the Bungie Store.

However, it takes some work to gain the chance to order the stuffed toy version of the FPS game‘s newest addition, as Guardians must complete several additional objectives before they can order their own.

First, players need to earn the Revision Zero exotic pulse rifle. They can earn this by completing the Destiny 2 Revision Zero exotic quest, called More Than a Weapon.

To gain access to the dog, players need to first access a secret room in the mission bunker. This requires using Revision Zero to shoot 50 drones scattered throughout the Destiny 2 game universe.

After shooting all 50 drones, Guardians will want to pick up the Security Clearance Exo Frame upgrade, as this allows players to pass lasers blocking door entrances throughout the mission more easily. Note that there are also ways to move past these lasers using special abilities, so players can still perform this task without the upgrade, even if it’s a little more difficult.

Guardians can then head back to the Operation Seraph’s Shield mission, where they’ll now be able to access a secret door in the boss room for Haroktha, Scourge of the Helium Drinkers. After entering the secret room, completing a puzzle, and making their way through a platforming section, players will see a robotic dog. They can then interact with the exo-dog by petting it.

Upon doing this, players will earn the Guardian’s Best Friend triumph, which is a requirement for ordering the exclusive plushie. The plushie costs $30 (€35 in the EU) and purchasing it also awards a special emblem. However, note the stuffed toy will not ship for several months, so players can expect to receive it around March or April.

Even if players are not interested in purchasing the plushie, there’s still a good reason to pursue the adorable robodog. Interacting with the pup also transfers it to the H.E.L.M., where Guardians can pet their new best friend whenever they’d like.

Amidst recent criticism that Bungie has failed to hide secrets in Destiny 2 throughout the past few years, a puppy-petting mission is a welcome surprise. Bungie put a lot of thought into the current season, and there’s a lot to explore in Destiny 2 season 19. And, with all the content, players can expect more exciting reveals as they look forward to the Destiny 2 Lightfall release date and Destiny 2 Strand subclass launch.